How to Attract Your First 100k Instagram Followers

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Instagram TabletHave you just opened up your first Instagram account? Are you looking at other accounts wondering how they get as many followers as they do? It’s not just luck, there are steps you can take to help ensure you attract big numbers and build your list of followers rather quickly. The fact is that more and more businesses are turning to Instagram as a marketing option, appealing to a whole new group of consumers.

Here are a few steps you may want to employ as you try to build your Instagram followers.

Post Often

If you’ve decided an Instagram account is right for your business, or even personal use, then the number one rule you’ll want to follow is that you need to post often. Accounts that post a photo once every few weeks will draw very little attention. You want to show that you are on top of things, you want to engage with your followers, and you want to provide them with new and interesting content on a regular basis.

Now here’s the catch. You can sacrifice quality in order to provide quantity. This means your photos need to be interesting, intriguing, and high resolution. If the photo doesn’t meet each of these criteria then you won’t be able to build your followers.

Use Catchy Hashtags

Hashtags are often just as important as the photos themselves, which means you need to give them thought and use catchy ones. This is your opportunity to stand out and be different rather than using generic hashtags. Instagram users search for content based on hashtags in many cases, so you want to be sure you are being found. It’s a good idea to use multiple hashtags, but try to keep it to under 30. More than that and it becomes a bit much.

Look for Tie-Ins

To show your followers that you are aware of current trends and events, try to link your pictures to these events when possible. For example, if it is a business account and you sell clothing for cold weather, then tie it into the current weather conditions. This takes a bit more planning and thinking, but followers will appreciate the content that much more.

Start Following Other People

If you want to build a strong base of followers, then you need to follow people as well. Show them that you are interested in them and the content they are posting. Keep in mind if you are trying to follow a large amount of people in one day, Instagram does limit the amount of daily actions you can have. You will probably be wise to spread your actions out over a few days, or even have a goal of performing a certain amount each day.

You Are Well on Your Way

By following these simple tips you will be well on your way to attracting those 100,000 followers you aimed for. Keep in mind it will take time, so you need to stay focused and consistent.

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