The Simple How-to for Local Businesses Building Links

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Local businesses have it rough. Not only must they compete with their local competitors, but they also often face steep competition from larger, more popular brands that operate on a global scale. Building a loyal fan base at the local level takes time and dedication, but most brands have discovered that the internet provides plenty of opportunities for growth. With smaller audiences and smaller niches than most, building awareness locally requires a delicate approach. Many brands find that building links is one of the most effective ways to earn organic traffic – we’ll walk you through the basics of how to do just that.

Connect with Community Leaders

One of the best ways to boost local exposure and earn new links is to reach out to influential community leaders with an online presence. From local charities to the Chamber of Commerce, there are plenty of people who can lend some credibility to your brand while also promoting themselves and their causes. One of the most popular ways for pinging URLs from other local websites is to invite these leaders to collaborate; this can be inviting them to write something for your blog (with the expectation that they’ll link back to it) or by offering to guest post on theirs.

Reach Out to Local Directories

In your community, there are undoubtedly hubs or platforms that help people find things. From local business directories hosted by the Chamber of Commerce to freelance efforts to source all the great things to do and see in town, these directories can be awesome opportunities for businesses and brands seeking to earn links. As long as you’re local and relevant, most of these directories will be all too happy to help you: by having more links, sources and establishments, they are also boosting their own credibility in the eyes of visitors.

Create Local Multimedia

Many communities at the local level are sorely lacking when it comes to professional media attention. Why not find a way to bolster that local spirit and earn some links at the same time? If you brand has the time and/or resources, invest in creating various forms of multimedia that highlight local events and dynamics. By creating positive, uplifting themes through the media, you’ll find it very easy to gain exposure – and ultimately, backlinks. As more and more people share your content, it also creates a more positive impression of your brands in the eyes of those who see it: a win-win!

Host Others

Many organizations and local agencies are constantly seeking spaces to meet, discuss and organice. If your brand is a brick-and-mortar entity, why not advertise your space and let others use it? This is one great way to get attention, as many local organizers and facilitators will gladly reference your website and the fact that your business provides free hosting services for others. Whether they’re organizing events, conferences or something entirely different, it’s one great way to generate attention locally while pinging URLs to search engines.

Local advertising and link building strategies generally work the same as they do in other contexts, but there are some inherent advantages that come with focusing locally. Are there any other tips you can offer local businesses when building backlinks? If so, leave us a comment below and let us know.

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