Simple Solutions to Ensure You Can Post Daily to Your Blog

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Paper NotesFinding inspiration to write on a daily basis seems almost impossible for many who do it for a living, let alone for the hobbyist blogger. When working in a given niche, there is only so much new news or angles of topics to cover before you run into a serious case of writer’s block. In order to find new items to cover and live up to the standard of being a daily blogger, you have to get quite creative in how you distribute and cover content. Fortunately for those of you who desire to do so, there are plenty of ways in which to make daily blogging possible. Below, we’ll discuss some simple solutions that will ensure you can post daily to your blog.

Store Your Ideas

Throughout each day, you’re likely to be hit with inspiration when you are least prepared. We often assume that we will be able to recall these ideas later on – when we are ready to write – only to find ourselves disappointed that we cannot remember them. In order to begin creating an arsenal of ideas that can be used whenever writer’s block sets in, begin storing your ideas in digital or written form. Even the smallest and most trivial ideas can ultimately give way to bigger and better topics that will help you come up with new material. By keeping all of this stored for safekeeping, you’ll be able to tap into it when it is most needed.

Schedule Your Posts

If you are pinging your blog with a variety of blog posts at the same time, then you are wasting valuable content! You likely have readers that will periodically check in to see what is new; the more content you post on a regular schedule, the more often they will check back with you. The benefits of this behaviour should be obvious, and for that reason, scheduling your posts to publish on a regular basis will help you obtain more benefit out of each of them. This is especially helpful when you have crafted several pieces of content at once; do not publish them all at the same time! As you make strides to establish a regular schedule, you’ll notice that your traffic will also gradually become more consistent.

Diversify Your Writing

If you only write for one blog and about one topic, then it’s a lot easier to become frustrated when it comes to writing a new post every day. In many cases, bloggers can expand their horizons by opening multiple blogs that cover slightly overlapping topics or provide content for separate blogs. In the case of either, you can often find a way to incorporate a mention of that piece on your primary blog. Even though you are not pinging your blog with a full piece of content published on it, you are providing a service in the form of a daily post that you wrote.

Share Content

When in doubt, sort it out! There are plenty of other blogs out there that cover the same topics as you do. Round-ups are insanely popular in most blogospheres, so why not use writer’s block as an opportunity to share with your audience the great pieces of content that others have created? This will fulfil your daily post requirements while also providing opportunities to network with other bloggers in your broader network.


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