Website Time Management and Increasing Productivity

Time ManagementIf you are like me, then having to maintain dozens of websites can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. Finding time to create new content, optimize existing features and attract new traffic can be overwhelming without a game plan. Even if you are just managing one site, the amount of dedication you will need to have in order to make it a success can sometimes feel suffocating. The art of managing time and increasing productivity can be learned and adopted quite easily by sticking to a routine, evaluating cost to benefit ratios and streamlining repetitive processes. We will discuss some of these issues so that you can begin to manage your sites without the stress and disorganization that so many face when maintaining a web presence.

Develop A Routine

The most crucial part of managing your time effectively is to adopt a routine that you stick to like clockwork. Maintaining a website or websites may not feel like a traditional job, but it does require the same amount of attention and dedication in order to be a successful venture. I always make sure to allocate at least 15 minutes each day to every website I manage, regardless of whether the site needs the attention or not. This allows you to spend “mandatory time” with each of your sites every day, giving you the chance to evaluate the content, aesthetics or site statistics. It is surprising how much you can do in a short amount of time on any given website, so begin the necessary aspect of allocating time for all of your projects so that you can stay on top of things.

Consider Outsourcing

For those who are operating many websites, you are most likely doing so in order to generate revenue – albeit maybe small amounts – from each project in question. Perhaps some websites are just being developed and not earning revenue yet, while others may be generating income as desired. With the ultimate goal of many webmasters being to establish many websites that each earn some income, it may be beneficial to cough up the dough for content services (blogs, articles) for some of your profitable endeavors. This will allow you to spend more time working on the sites that have yet to turn a profit.

Streamlining Processes

If you have certain actions that need to be completed for all or many of your websites, then you may find it beneficial to take care of these actions all at once. For example, the evaluation of major site rankings (Google, Bing, Compete) can be done very quickly by using all in one tools and features offered by many different companies. Pingler’s Compete Statistics Checker, for example, allows you to check all the relevant data for Compete in one easy action. You may find it more suitable to also complete tedious updates to all of your sites at once, such as adding Google Analytics codes, applying new tags, and upgrading databases or content management systems. Depending on the need, you are sure to find a process that can incorporate efficiency with your sites’ specific requirements.

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