The Simple, Must-Follow Rules of Guest Posting Emails

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Post MailOne of the more popular ways to build links on other sites is to contribute your time and energy in the form of guest posts. Perhaps the best way to build an audience through other blogs and websites, guest posting has become a must for bloggers who want to get their links out to relevant audiences for free. Unfortunately, as guest posting became more popular, the writing styles and content that accompanied it have decreased in quality, making it more difficult for some to procure a guest posting gig with a new partner. The truth of the matter is that you can write great content as a guest blogger and convince prospective web masters of your abilities – all it takes is following a few simple steps. In the following article, we will discuss the must-dos for writers who want to begin building links through the wonderfully useful art of guest posting.

Do Not Simply Plug Yourself

It should be obvious to both parties that your main goal in guest posting is to build links; after all, the owner of the site or blog will receive free content, so what is in it for you? Whenever you are pinging URLs in your blog posts, you should strive to be as minimally invasive as possible, while featuring your link in the most relevant and prominent aspect of the article. Quality is crucial  in securing repeat guest post requests, which will put your links in front of readers time and time again (not to mention the SEO implications). By crafting quality content and using a minimal number of links in each post, you will convey a level of authority with the owner that results in additional posting stints.

Focus on Appropriate Blogs

It can be tempting to send out emails to a variety of bloggers, with the hopes that they will permit you to write a guest post on their blogs. The reality is that most bloggers will not be interested in your content (unless you happen to be some Machiavellian master writer who can cover any subject), and they will inspect your blog or website prior to see how it relates to their website’s topic. It is for these reasons that you must focus on appropriately categorized blogs that fit your own broader niche. Not only will this save you time with dead ends in terms of web masters who are plainly not interested, but it will also ensure that your content and links are placed in front of audiences most likely to respond to it.

Be Personal

This is true for multiple aspects of the guest writing process. For starters, you want to be friendly and knowledgeable about the prospective bloggers’ work and interests as profiled on their sites and social media. Being personal is also a vital component of writing – each blog post (depending on the blog’s ambiance) usually performs better when personal elements and creativity are used throughout its body. These aspects of personality will ensure that you are pinging URLs for more than one blogger on a recurring basis, rather than being picked up for one article and tossed to the curb after the fact.

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