How to Approach a Blog Owner the Right Way for Guest Posting

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ApproachHaving content that is related to either yourself or your project is a great way to build credibility with other bloggers and also with major search engines. Sites such as Google have implemented the concept of author rank, which assigns validity to blog posts for those who consistently produce great content, giving them higher visibility in search engines. One of the more traditional ways in which bloggers build backlinks to their websites and earn additional exposure is through guest posting. Below, we will cover the main tenets of how to approach a blog or website owner for any potential guest posting gig.

Understanding the Apprehension

The most difficult part of becoming a guest writer for another blog is overcoming the scepticism and speculation that most bloggers will have initially. A bad post by a guest blogger can do much more harm to a webmaster’s efforts than a good post usually can bring in benefits, so many will be cautious when a random stranger approaches them about this service. Furthermore, you have no idea just how many requests for guest posting the webmaster in question may be receiving; they could perhaps be receiving dozens of requests daily, with prospective bloggers pinging lists of examples of their work. By keeping this in mind and formulating a plan to stand out above the rest, you can overcome a good deal of this scepticism and rise to the top in regards to being considered.

Personalize the Approach

Most blog owners are fairly adept and can recognize mass-produced attempts when they see them. If you are tempted to construct a one size fits all template for reaching out to bloggers, then scrap it and forget about it. When approaching a blogger, you want to understand a bit about what it is they do and any personal details that are publicly available via the blog. By finding ways to incorporate these details into your approach, you can demonstrate that you have at least taken the time to familiarize yourself with the core concepts and standards of the blog.

Don’t Ramble

The worst thing you can do is send a massive wall of text to a stranger that has no clue about you or what it is you do. Maybe you feel that such an email is the point of communicating; by telling them your life story, that will make them more likely to select you for a guest post gig. Unfortunately, they are far more likely to simply ignore the email and move on to other, more pertinent items. Be personal but avoid filling in all the blanks of your life, or theirs, for that matter. Business is the main driver of the conversation, so let that be the North Star when personalizing and constructing your message.

Avoid SEO Taglines

When reaching out to fellow bloggers, it is best to avoid using any promotional or keyword stuffing in the email (signatures are probably the best example of this). You are a writer, and you are willing to lend your services as a writer. Most bloggers will feel a bit sketchy when someone who is pinging lists of multiple websites in their signature approaches them for an opportunity. Come as yourself, and leave your projects for a later discussion.

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