Want to Create Epic Social Media Posts? Start with These Tips

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Social MediaThe world of social media can be a demanding and hectic environment for business owners and content creators. The internet moves even faster than normal on sites like Facebook and Twitter, which means you have to work hard if you want to keep up with the competition and entertain your audience. Many content creators struggle with social media not because they lack enthusiasm or energy, but because their posts receive little to no engagement. If your posts and updates are not performing as they should, then you’ll want to consider the following tips each and every time you post something to social media.

Post Facts, Figures, Tips and Tricks

Social media posts should be short and to the point. Not everything has to be a diatribe or dissertation, and users on social media tend to reward those who make their ideas known succinctly. One great way to boost engagement is to stick to simple facts, tips, figures and tricks. These data-points, recommendations and observations will often resonate more clearly with your audience than a longer post and can be more easily digested in rapid fashion. Even when sharing blog posts and longer forms of content, providing a quick summary or excerpt from the piece that fits these guidelines can be a great way to start pinging users with intrigue and interest, rather than overwhelming them.

Post About The Here and Now

Social media is all about the present. Whether it pertains to friends and family’s current activities or late-breaking news, many people now use social media to stay aware of what’s going on in the world. A great way to utilize social media and boost post engagement is to take advantage of current events when posting. Whether news is directly relevant to your niche or not, there are many creative ways in which you can tie in late-breaking news and on-goings with your social media posts. This will ensure that people are more likely to share your posts, and that helps to gradually boost overall reach and user base.

Post Multimedia

Social media isn’t about merely reading – it’s about observing, experiencing and engaging. Study after study has shown that pinging users with images, videos and other forms of multimedia can boost social media engagement and reach by two to three times that of traditional text-based status updates. While it may take a bit more work to either create or find these sources of content, the overall reward added up over time will make the effort worth it. After all, quick and easy social media posts are a far bigger waste of time if they are not generating the levels of engagement that are necessary to justify them.

By posting various forms of multimedia, covering current events in your relevant status updates and posts, and giving people the occasional fact or tidbit, you can dramatically increase likes, shares and other forms of social engagement on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. What other social media tips have you used to boost engagement? Let us know below what has worked for you.

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