Writing for SEO? Ask Yourself These Questions to Make the Process Faster

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Writing SEOWriting itself can be a tense and creatively-challenging process in and of itself, but adding search engine optimization considerations to the mix can create a completely different dynamic of difficulty. Between considering who to write for, who to target, where to add technical concerns and when to simply write well, a seemingly easy idea becomes a challenging element that requires much more thought than initially was expected. Fortunately, writing for SEO can be simplified when you know the right questions to ask ahead of time. In the following article, we’ll detail what questions to ask yourself before you begin any new blog post, article or piece of content.

What Goals Do I Have?

Perhaps the most important question in the process of writing for SEO is to figure out what your goals are. This may seem simple enough, but all too many people jump into the aspect of writing without considering what they want to obtain from the content they create. Do you want to encourage others to sign up for your mailing list? Are you simply trying to convey information? Are you trying to convince others to try a product or service? Once you have the answers to this question, you can then eliminate the need for covering other angles and aspects. Most forms of writing can be highly focused depending on your goals; by knowing them upfront, you can dramatically whittle away the need to consider multiple writing styles.

Who Am I Targeting?

Second in importance only to the goals you have for your content, knowing your target audience will further help in pinging for SEO and ensuring that readers find your content worthwhile. If you are selling a product aimed at younger individuals, for instance, then using overtly grandiose language or formalities doesn’t make sense. Likewise, a piece of content that lacks professionalism will not do well with an audience that finds it through a site such as LinkedIn. This can also help you determine which keywords to use, which social media outlets to promote it on, and what other types of media you should include with the content.

What Has Succeeded Most?

If you’re struggling with finding the best format to use or the best keywords to target, then take a look at your past. What pieces of content already published have resulted in the most shares, likes, visits or comments? These pieces of content should be your role models when pinging for SEO, and can shed light on what you need to do in order to generate increased success. Of course, any piece of content can be improved upon, but you’ll have a benchmark from which to begin improving your writing process and can quit doubting yourself when trying to create something new.


In order to do your best while writing for SEO and make the process faster, you must first ask a few simple questions. The primary question relates to knowing your goals in writing the content. Next, you should be aware of who you are targeting, so as to get the most effect. Finally, take a look at your previous posts with the most success should be analyzed to see what works well and what does not. With these questions answered, you’ll be able to make the process more efficient and less stressful.


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