Mastering the Process of Writing LinkedIn Articles – A Walkthrough

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Laptop AceWhen many people think of LinkedIn, they think of a social network that is only used to post resumes and potentially find a new job. The reality is that LinkedIn offers so much more to those with professional careers and those in pursuit of them, and can be used in a variety of ways to augment a person’s reputation and gravitas. One of the many ways in which you can build valuable connections and other networks with people across a wide array of industries is by creating content on the network. How exactly can you master the process of writing LinkedIn articles, though? Below, we’ll discuss some ways that will point you in the right direction with respect to creating great LinkedIn articles.

Target Your Audience and Deliver

When it comes to LinkedIn notoriety, you can’t reasonably expect to be a jack of all trades. As those who use the network are familiar with, you can earn badges that signify your authority or level of expertise in various fields. The same rule applies to creating LinkedIn content: you’ll have an area of expertise and focusing on that area is crucial. Instead of trying to create content across multiple industries – with much of it being far too generic to be of any reasonable use to others – focus on what you know best and deliver the content to those who care precisely about that. You’ll find that your content reaches a much larger audience with this targeted approach than it will if you are just pinging noise about anything and everything.

Be Consistent About Posting

LinkedIn is a professional network and one that revolves around a climate where reliability is to be expected. Without your contributions being posted on a regular basis, many industry leaders and professionals who would otherwise value your contributions will likely miss them. How can you be sure that more people see your content? One simple way is to keep a regular schedule. Many LinkedIn article contributors post once weekly – religiously – and those who value their input know to check in on a certain day each week. By following this approach, your content will always be on the minds of people who make careers and influence the movers and shakers within your industry.

Don’t Overdo It

When crafting a well-written article, we can sometimes let our good ideas get the best of us. There is a fine line between writing a nonchalant article that provides little to no value and writing one that is simply too much to absorb. Unfortunately, the end result between these two scenarios is exactly the same. Because of this, we recommend keeping your articles at or below 750 words. You won’t be judged by the number of words you write on LinkedIn like you would by search engines or through SEO, but you’ll avoid coming across as pinging noise that no one can stay focused on long enough to read.


Three basic tips – not writing too much, focusing upon one industry and being consistent about your content creation – will go a long way toward mastering content production on LinkedIn. If you follow this advice, then you’ll be a regular contributor with great insight in your field, and one that people can regularly rely upon.

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