Keep the Quality and Bump Up the Speed – Four Tricks for Writing Faster Posts

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Four PencilsAs the web continues to demand more and more content, those in charge of creating it certainly feel the strain. In order to keep up with the competition, the quality and quantity of content must continuously be increased in order to satisfy demand, but it is hard to give more of one without sacrificing the other. Whether you are struggling with writing as a new writer or simply feel you cannot squeeze out any more efficiency, there generally are ways in which you can use your time more effectively. Below, we’ll discuss four tricks that can help you write at a faster pace while maintaining the current quality of your content.

Divide Your Project Into Sections

Before you even begin writing or understand the topic, it is helpful to know ahead of time how you will generally divide the writing in sections. This can make it easy to know how much writing will be needed for each section, what broader elements of the subject you’ll be covering, and what is expected in the introduction. This not only applies to the actual structure of the post or content, but to the entire process as well. You can divide the planning and creation stages into sections, such as idea creation, research, drafting and editing. With these sections and phases clearly outlined on paper and in your head, it suddenly becomes a lot easier and less overwhelming to tackle each one, making the overall process more efficient.

Find Your Peak Creative Periods

We do not all run on the same internal clock. For some of us, we do our best work in the morning. Others excel more in the evening or wee hours of the morning. Writing when you are not at peak efficiency can result in pinging noise and low-quality content that takes way too long to write. Instead of forcing things, take inventory of your work and see when exactly you are prone to being more efficient and creative. Once determined, aim to do as much writing as possible during this time.

Use Music

Many writers and content creators report that – despite the seeming distraction it would provide – they write much more quickly when listening to music. Again, personal habits may determine which types of music provide more benefit and which may be distracting, but this tactic has proven to be successful for many content creators. Some commonly-enjoyed types of music for content creators include classical and fast tempo styles of music.

Avoid Distractions

There are a variety of time-wasting distractions and interruptions that can plague us during content creation – make sure your surroundings aren’t pinging noise at you when you’re working! There are two main types of distractions: the type of distractions that come from outside of our work space, and the type that comes from within it. In the first case, phone calls, outside noises and a variety of life’s mishaps may be to blame. In the latter case, doing a quick reference check may lead to aimless web surfing and social media scavenging. Practically all of these can be blocked out with some proper preparation, so be aware of their likelihood and take preventative measures to stop them.

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