4 Smart Ways to Get More Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site During the Christmas Rush

Christmas BallsTaking advantage of the different seasons, events and even unique days can be a HUGE cash surge for businesses of any size. Christmas is the main season to aim for, as this is when people are actively taking out their credit cards to provide the best Christmas for their family and friends and likewise buy something for themselves too.

So let’s take a look at four smart ways you can take advantage of the Christmas rush this year.

Discount Coupons

People love a bargain and even if it’s only 5% or 10% off, free shipping or a buy 2 and get the cheapest item free deal, people still love to think they are getting a great deal.  Plus, if your competitors aren’t offering discounts, this could be a great time to win over their customers.

You can also use coupons as a way to build some more links to your website too. All you need to do is find different coupon/discount websites and submit your codes. There are hundreds of them out there that can help direct customers to your website.  Make sure to have coupons on offer for people who refer their friends to you as well – people love to share when they have a great experience.

Vouchers/Gift Cards

It’s always hard to buy gifts for certain people, and gift cards or vouchers can come in extremely handy when you don’t know what to buy. They don’t have to sell like hot cakes but it’s basically a way for someone to pay you to send their friends or family across to your website and store to buy something (and hopefully buy more things in the future). That’s why all the biggest stores and online retailers offer gift cards to their customers as it can massively increase business in the New Year.

You don’t even have to post out physical cards (they do look better though) as an email voucher/gift card works just as well and gives your customers the opportunity to buy a gift at the last minute.

Christmas Images

This is a simple idea, but if you have the time, it’s a good idea to jazz up your website with some Santas, snow or even Rudolph.  A Christmas themed website will not only make your visitors happier but will also shows them that your store is active, works and that there is someone on the other end of the website that is actively working on it and you are not just going to take their money and run. You could even get creative and do a competition whereby they name your Christmas character and win a prize if you wanted to take things a bit further.

Press Releases

To tie all of the above things in, press releases work really well and can create mass exposure, interview requests and can lead to your company being featured for free in newspapers, magazines, on the radio or even on the TV. You don’t have to have an amazing story or have anything crazy to announce, just tell the world about your promotion, discount or the fact you have just started offering gift cards and that they can buy this, that and whatever else from your online store. Just keep it simple.

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