What Matters Most to Audiences When Reading Your Content?

Content creation remains an integral component of any marketing or broader brand strategy. Without content that inspires, converts or otherwise persuades, there is little that most brands can do to attract new readers, visitors, customers and subscribers. As such, making the most of each piece of content created should be a top priority.

Yet all too many brands simply focus on creating content that is somewhat relevant to audiences, rather than seeking to make their content be absolutely resonant with their specific audiences. In knowing this, brands must ask one fundamental question: what matters most to audiences, irrespective of niche or industry?

Today, we’ll look at a few key elements that content creators must incorporate when building content that truly inspires.

Understanding Your Audience’s Desires

Every blog, business and brand has a natural niche or subject area they wish to service. Whether that be through providing simple information, highlighting current events, supply products or pleasing audiences in some other capacity, interest is the basis for a successful content strategy. However, simply pinging users with information on topics or subjects they find interest in is not enough for captivating content.

Brands must learn what drives audiences – specifically, what they desire most from the content they’re seeking. Whether you’re selling products or serving content, determining what goals your audience members have with regard to interacting with your content is crucial. With this information, brands can then build more successful content-driven strategies that fulfill audiences above and beyond the usual routines.

Conveying a Story

Most forms of content – especially written content – has limitations on how creative or expressive it can be interpreted. While a bland recitation of facts may be desirable by audiences in some situations, most brands will find that audiences crave a narrative above all else. Brands that know how to interweave information, pitches, products and persuasion together can create the type of content that truly resonates with audiences.

From the time humans first sat around campfires telling stories, the appeal of a good narrative has been apparent. Your content absolutely must focus on weaving narratives that audiences find inspiring, emotional or otherwise relevant to their tastes. This becomes easier once you have uncovered your audience’s desires, so be sure to treat these two aspects as part of one broader content strategy.

Sticking to the Story

The last critical piece of advice for any content strategy is being consistent with your delivery. Audiences can find any and all content offerings online these days, but if they are coming to you specifically, then that means they have a specific interest in your narrative, angle or form of content delivery.

Brands can often become “distracted”, veering into new and tangential topics over time in an attempt to attract new audiences. It is always important to ensure that you’re pinging users with content that adheres to their specific preferences and isn’t veering off-course from your tried and true content strategies.

Ultimately, audiences care about a consistent narrative that adheres to their desires and that weaves a story together wherever possible. Following these simple tips can strengthen your content delivery – and in the process, your audience’s loyalty as well.


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