How to Boost Your Brand’s WordPress and Twitter Synergy

Most reputable websites in the present day utilize WordPress – or another similar content management system – to reach people. While some brands can afford custom-tailored websites built from the ground up, many opt for an easy-to-use solution like WordPress that balances flexibility, widespread acceptance and security.

Likewise, Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, attracting hundreds of millions of regular users. It may not be immediately obvious, but there is possibility for these two platforms to work well with one another. After all, your website should boost your social media following and vice-versa.

Let’s look at how you can boost the synergy between your Twitter account and your WordPress website.

Auto-Tweet Your Latest Posts

Any time you make a new blog post, that content should get the attention it deserves. Ultimately, this doesn’t happen automatically: there’s a lot of optimizing, brainstorming and editing that goes into content creation.

Getting your WordPress blog posts in front of your Twitter audience can be done automatically, however. You can take advantage of one of many WordPress apps that will instantly tweet out every time you make a new post. By optimizing each post prior to publication with a custom tweet and a Twitter card, you’ll get more clicks and retweets on top of that.

Recycle Older Content

Just because your content has aged doesn’t mean it doesn’t possess social media value. In fact, just as you can start pinging URLs via Twitter for any new content you publish, you can do the same for older content. A variety of plugins exist, such as Revive Old Posts, which will periodically “bump” older posts by sending out custom tweets to your audience.

After some initial configuration, these plugins can make recycling old content a breeze. Given that there’ll undoubtedly be many people who won’t see every single one of your tweets, this is a great way to ensure more followers actually see all of the content you’re creating.

Embed Your Tweets in Content

Ensuring that people on your website are aware of your Twitter presence is just as important as ensuring your Twitter followers are aware of your website content. As such, embedding as many (relevant) tweets in content is a sure-fire way to improve synergy and increase engagement across both platforms.

While generally no more than 1 of your tweets is recommended per post, this can quickly add up for brands that are producing meaningful amounts of content. Plugins exist to help make the integration process seamless: all you’ll need to do is start copying, pasting and pinging URLs to each relevant tweet for them to appear in your content after the plugin is installed.

Integrate Social Sharing and Interactions Everywhere

Finally, let’s remember that most people aren’t going to comb your website for social media links. The easiest way to boost Twitter engagement from your website’s end is to make sure that sharing and following options are available everywhere. This means links to your Twitter account at the top and bottom of each page (and each post), sharing options integrated via Twitter, and even custom tweet options for people to use (such as highlighting a segment of your post, whereupon a tweet option will automatically appear for them).

Building genuine rapport between social media and websites isn’t easy. With Twitter, there are arguably even more challenges – but these can be overcome with the right tools. These four methods of integrating the two can help boost followers and visitors across both platforms, building the basis for a successful, multi-channel brand.

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