How to Avoid Telling Bad Blog Stories

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Frog StoriesContent creation is all about intriguing readers, providing them with solutions and information, and otherwise entertaining them. This is done for many different reasons: perhaps you are trying to sell a product, persuade someone to believe a certain viewpoint, or even just entertain readers on a subject you enjoy. Regardless of the motive or desired outcome, there is a common denominator in content creation that is necessary for success: good story-telling. Today, we’ll explain what you need to avoid in order to create compelling, entertaining and enjoyable blog posts that will guarantee readers come back for more.

Being Self-Absorbed

There is a very delicate line between telling a personal story and making everything about yourself. Some bloggers will specialize in personal stories and have more leeway when it comes to writing about themselves. For brands and businesses that are trying to captivate audiences as part of a broader marketing strategy, however, this will be costly. People don’t really want to read exclusively about what a brand is doing, how much it has expanded, or other mundane details. When blogging about a topic – directly or indirectly – it is wise to avoid discussing oneself to the point of nausea. Readers will not stick around to absorb much content.

Going Off On Tangents

The process of blogging in many cases can be one of creative journeys. As you begin to write, you think of new ideas and angles to discuss. Before you know it, you have zigged and zagged all across the broader topic until you begin to forget what the original point was or how to tie it all together. This is a common mistake of bloggers and must be avoided at all costs. Brainstorming is immensely valuable when it comes to preventing this. It will help you develop a broader structure to which to adhere while still allowing for creative ideas. Otherwise, you may end up pinging noise at readers and losing them in the process.

Marketing Via Lies

Whether you are a large business blogging about your benefits or an individual who is merely telling a story, you are in essence marketing yourself in one way or another. Sometimes, it can be tempting to get a bit creative with the facts. Especially in the case of brands seeking to convert readers and visitors, this is very common. Unfortunately, lying in situations like these can create conditions for repercussions later on. The last thing you want to see is a negative review on a website about claims you made when compared to the reality of the situation. This applies for individuals as well as businesses: stick with the truth, unless explicitly stated to be fiction.

Bloggers make many mistakes and it is perfectly acceptable to do so: we’re only human. The important thing is to learn from past mistakes and make progress toward a more perfect writing experience. You should avoid dealing in lies, pinging noise at users by rambling and being self-absorbed when telling your story. While this may cramp your style just a bit in some cases, it is well worth the effort for the long-term.


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