Several Simple Solutions for Increasing Conversion Rates Today

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Light Bulb RatesWe all want to increase the number of visitors finding our sites through search engines and social media, but that does very well good in and of itself. The engagement that occurs once each person arrives is what drives value for brands and businesses – from likes and subscriptions to purchases and shares, these actions help stimulate brand awareness, increase profits and expand reach. Measuring conversion rates is a crucial part of website analysis and understanding how these rates can impact overall success is absolutely required. Below, we’ll outline a few simple solutions on how to increase your conversion rates beginning today.

Stimulate the Sense of Urgency

Whether you are asking for email subscriptions or selling a product, the art of conversion can be viewed in many ways as an opportunity for users. By creating the conditions in which urgency is emphasized, a higher rate of conversions can be achieved. By offering the opportunity for a limited time, informing users of a deadline or linking their action to a charitable timetable in which time is of the essence, this sense of urgency will drive more users to begin pinging your website in the form of conversions.

Promote Benefits

While users may appreciate a detailed description of the product or service you are providing, a better way in which to get their attention and increase conversions is to lay out what it can do for them. Benefits are always a key selling point for many consumers and subscribers; by informing others of what they stand to gain by adopting or purchasing your product or service, you’ll be able to tap into their curiosity and desire to be satisfied more thoroughly.

Provide Reviews

Whether the product or service you are offering is free or comes with a price, people want a better idea of how others feel about it. Many paid products can be reviewed through shopping review sites, but even free or less-popular items and services can be reviewed or described on your website by other users. The presence of reviews and/or testimonials can help convince some who would otherwise walk away to instead commit to your product or service today.

Simulate Deals

For those instances in which you’re providing a product for sale, stimulate users’ desire to purchase by making them believe it’s a deal! You can simulate deals in any number of ways – strikethrough/reduced pricing, limited offers on free shipping (combines urgency with savings), and special discounts when combined with other conversions (for instance, social media engagements), just to name a few. The more you can convince an audience that they’re getting a great deal, the more they’ll be pinging your website to others via email and on social media (while converting as intended in addition).

Use Landing Pages/Calls to Action

How are people encountering the points at which conversion is desired? While e-commerce websites cannot be configured to only provide landing pages, many offerings can be promoted via social media and email by using the concept of landing pages, which will provide users with benefits, details, a call to action and other crucial elements to ensure they convert. Landing pages have been shown – when combined with a call to action – to dramatically increase conversion rates among shoppers and visitors. When attempting to snare people from social media and beyond, always link them to a landing page specifically designed for the product, service or action desired.

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