Unconventional Ways to Generate Traffic for Your Website Today

Driving traffic to a website is one of the simplest concepts – yet one of the most difficult ones to execute properly. With more potential sources for traffic than ever, deciding exactly how to pursue a strategy best-suited for your website is challenging to say the least.

With options including search engines, direct referrals, social media, email marketing and paid ad campaigns across a variety of platforms, you’re certainly not in short supply of choices.

Today, we’ll examine a few unconventional strategies that can boost your brand’s visibility within the right audiences and help drive extra traffic to you with relatively little work.

Be a Guest on Podcasts

Do you or your brand focus on expert analysis or have a unique opinion to provide on one or more subjects? Then you may very well be able to use that to your advantage. Increasingly, podcast creators are looking for people to interview and discuss important ideas with on their shows: why not take advantage of this?

By reaching out to related podcasts and offering your help, you can help promote your brand by providing a quick plug in the podcast (and usually podcast creators will also provide direct links in the description as well). This can help ensure you’re pinging search engines and people alike in new audiences.

Explore Causes of High Bounce Rate

There’s potentially no better place to improve your traffic prospects than by targeting those who are already visiting your website – but are leaving shortly thereafter.

Bounce rate, which is the number of people who arrive on a page but immediately leave, can be indicative of one or more problems. Not only does a high bounce rate hurt your SEO, but it also costs you valuable traffic. Whether it is due to slow loading pages, irrelevant or confusing content, or something else, explore this dynamic and address the root causes – you’ll rake in more traffic once the issue is solved.

Repurpose Existing Content

One major component to generating more traffic for your website is to create more content. For each piece of content created, there’s an opportunity to target new keywords, niches and SERPs – as well as promote it via social media, email and beyond.

Take a look back through your previously published content. You will no doubt find opportunities to revamp old content or even combine multiple pieces of content into a new post or video, making it possible for you to increase your marketing efforts. It also helps give you more opportunities to be pinging search engines with fresh posts, which Google and others love to see.

Use the Power of Forums

Last but not least, brands that understand the power of forums can dramatically boost traffic when handled properly. Regardless of topic, there’s guaranteed to be one or more forums online that are dedicated to the discussion of the subject.

Brands that carefully integrate themselves in these online communities and provide real value can easily do a bit of organic promotion and generate traffic from the most ideal audiences possible. While this is definitely a quality over quantity approach, the value of highly-targeted traffic surpasses that of just marketing your website to everybody.

There’s a seemingly countless number of methods and strategies designed to boost traffic. Most people are familiar with the basics, but there are many highly-specific and targeted efforts you can be using to get real attention and traffic. The four strategies outlined above can produce real results for your brand – if you follow through.

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