Three Methods for Mining Google for New Post Ideas

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Google IconThe world is filled with a seemingly limitless number of ideas, experiences and people. Drawing upon these experiences and elements is absolutely crucial when it comes to writing and content creation. Despite the abundance of potential in this regard, many bloggers and writers find themselves in trouble from time to time when it comes to new ideas. Niche bloggers in particular can struggle with this, as it will seem that every angle of every relevant topic has been covered sooner or later. Thankfully, the internet is your friend – there are many different ways to mine out new ideas for posts and articles. Today, we’ll discuss three different ways in which you can use Google to find new post ideas for your blog or website.

Check Out Google News

Whether your website or blog is dedicated to evergreen content, late-breaking news or a combination thereof, there are plenty of fresh ideas for consideration that can be found in Google News. Users have a couple of options when it comes to pinging search engines like Google for these ideas. The first is to simply begin browsing the main headlines that appear once clicking on News. It is here that you’ll be able to find out about a variety of current events that can provide inspiration for new posts. The second method is to search Google News for late-breaking stories that relate to your niche. Simply begin searching for keywords that relate to your blog or website, and see what pops up. You might be surprised at the number of new ideas you’ll generate with this method.

Browse YouTube Videos

YouTube is the number one source in the world for videos of all types. With Google now in possession of the video network, its algorithms and suggestion features have become more substantial and finely-tuned. By browsing YouTube like you normally would, you’ll be able to find a variety of different content ideas and inspiration for new blog posts in no time at all. From independent vloggers to international news organizations, YouTube has a plethora of content that can be helpful to anyone in the market for new ideas and topics.

Look at Google Play

Google’s premium solution for multimedia and subscription content, Google Play is a great place to explore a variety of ideas, themes and topics. From documentaries and horror films to mobile gaming apps and music, you’ll be able to flip through categories and keywords for many different types of blog post inspiration in a completely different format than you’re probably accustomed to when pinging search engines the normal way. Whether you’re a visual or audio learner, there is a lot of content stored on Google Play that can provide you with fresh ideas for entirely new topics or for existing themes and subjects that you’d like to cover from a different angle.

Whether you wish to browse music, peruse videos or catch up on the latest news, Google offers a solution. You can use all of these resources and more to figure out how best to proceed with new blog posts. Google’s massive number of offerings provide those who are willing to use them plenty of options for generating new ideas and inspiration for blog posts.

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