How to Get Your Free Offerings More Publicity

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Brands and businesses have been using the psychological concept of “free” since storefronts emerged in the modern world. Whether it be the classic “buy one get one free” staple or a simple offering for no absolute cost, this tried and true strategy remains a valuable component in the marketing arsenal of many brands.

With an unprecedented level of reach available to virtually all online brands, using such a strategy can help brands build rapport with an immense number of potential customers and clients. Using free offerings to attract new people and generate buzz is nothing new, but there are new methods to bolster visibility online by doing so.

We’ll take a look at how you can easily increase visibility for your free offerings.

Free Google Promotions

Recently, Google announced a set of changes for brands registered as merchants through its interface. For any brands associated with it in this regard, they can promote free offerings and have them listed in relevant search results automatically. This can be a sure-fire way to attract first-time customers, clients and visitors without the need for complex SEO tactics or expensive paid marketing efforts.

By pinging search engines with your free offerings and promotions without having to spend time or money to do so, brands can attract plentiful attention and buzz for their efforts. While the promotions may be visible to all individuals in a given search niche, only those who meet specific criteria will be given the option to sign up (usually this means first-time subscribers or customers as determined by Google’s Merchant Center).

Social Media Marketing

Despite the financial investment it may entail, social media marketing is by far one of the most influential methods of generating instant attention for products, services and promotions at-large. Through platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, brands can reach an unprecedented number of people in every audience or niche imaginable.

Obviously there are two broader methods that can be used here: while social media marketing through paid means guarantees instant results, using organic social media marketing is another valuable option. By reaching out to existing followers and fans, you’re not only able to connect with more people but also reach individuals who would be naturally more interested in your free offerings.

Give Back In Other Ways

Being charitable is never a bad strategy when attempting to generate publicity – and especially so when you’re attempting to provide free offerings alongside such efforts! Being involved with a charitable cause – especially when collaborating on a local level – can be a sure-fire way to drum up attention for your brand and its offerings.

Whether it be a link in a local newspaper article or a shout-out from a popular social media account, a brand’s volunteer efforts can help drive additional recognition. It is much easier to convince other brands and entities to promote your efforts in this regard when the aim of such a promotion is to highlight yet another free giveaway.

Whether you’re pinging search engines, social media or local news outlets, there are many ways to effectively generate publicity for your causes and offerings. Take this advice into account and see how you can incorporate it into future endeavors!

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