Simple Ways to Maximise Your Downtime

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StopwatchThe most precious resource that we have available to us is our time.  So making the most out of the time we have available is vital to succeeding, especially if you own your own business or are in a high company position.  But aside from simply cutting down the number of hours we are sleeping, is there any other way to make the most of the time we have?  Keep reading for a few ideas.

Shower Time

Have you ever noticed that you think really clearly whilst in the shower?  The reason for this is that it’s a pretty easy and monotonous task, but it’s also relaxing.  When you’re relaxed, your body increases dopamine production, which improves your creative thinking abilities.  So, instead of purely relaxing why not brainstorm whilst you’re in the shower?  You’ll be surprised by how many great ideas you come up with, and you can even buy waterproof notepads and pens to jot down your ideas.


The average daily commute is 50 minutes, which equates to almost 10 hours each week.  Think how much you could get done during this extra time.  Instead of reading a book or checking your social media accounts, why not get a head start on work?  You could create a plan for the day, reply to your work emails, listen to business related audiobooks and podcasts, or even read up on industry news.  That 10 hours a week is over 500 hours a year, which could be put to much better use.

Meeting Time

If you often find yourself attending meetings that just aren’t relevant to your job, it’s time to do more than just sit in your chair bored.  Jot down some ideas that you can use later in the day, or create notes on things that are relevant to your job.  So long as you sit up and nod from time to time, people will be none the wiser, and will likely think that you’re just taking notes on the meeting.

Lunch Time

If you often find yourself bored in the staff room, or walking around town on your lunch, you probably know that there are better ways to spend your lunch break.  Not only is this a good time to make notes and plans for the afternoon ahead, but you could also use this time to meet up with clients.  Business lunch meetings can be incredibly effective ways of showing a client that you care, and you may also learn something whilst you’re wining and dining.  You never know, one lunch time meeting may even help to advance your career.

We’re not suggesting that you can’t relax during your downtime, but sometimes it’s better to plan for the day ahead as opposed to constantly refreshing your Facebook feed, or aimlessly browsing the web because you’re bored.  Take these tips into consideration and we’re sure you’ll see a difference in the way you work.

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