Running Out of Blog Ideas? Try These Tips

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Maintaining a consistent blog post regimen can be stressful and time-consuming – and that’s assuming you have a steady stream of ideas to work with. If you’re at a point where you’re struggling to come up with fresh topics and ideas, then the process can be even more stressful. Even the most inventive of writers will occasionally find themselves without a clear idea of what to write next. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to break the writer’s block and get back to blogging. We’ll discuss some simple steps you can take to produce new and exciting ideas for your blog beginning today.

Search Engine Alerts

If you’re falling short on ideas but need a steady supply of them to keep going, then consider the power of search engines and real-time information. Services such as Google Alerts are great at pinging links to subscribers on specific topics or niches, which may give you greater insight into what is currently happening within your niche. By keeping tabs on what is going on in the world of news for one or more topics, you’ll be more likely to keep those creative juices flowing during even the driest of times. You can likewise use these alerts to build a repertoire of interesting articles, posts and forms of content that can provide broader inspiration for a bigger blog post or update in the future.

Inspect the Competition

Regardless of your niche, you are guaranteed to have some competition. What are they writing about and doing at the moment? There are plenty of opportunities to see what is inspiring your rivals at any given moment, and this can help stir the thought process by providing some fresh topics and angles to consider covering. While having unique insight and the first scoop on a subject is ideal, there are plenty of reasons why your competitors may have thought of various topics you haven’t covered yet. This gives you a chance to deliver fresh material to your audience and to provide them with insight that they might otherwise seek out from your competitors.

Keep Up with Trends

What’s happening in your niche right now? If you’re not keeping track of late-breaking news and current events, then you’re missing one great way of brainstorming. All too many blogs and brands miss out on great opportunities to attract traffic because they weren’t fast enough at catching onto the latest happenings within their niche; some topics suddenly explode in popularity and then disappear after a short while. If you’re fresh out of ideas, using one of many different trend tracking tools to keep a constant flow of ideas going is arguably the best thing you can do. This way, you’ll be able to always deliver new content and tap into what your audience is most interested in at any given point.

Running a successful blog often requires you to be constantly pinging links, posts and other forms of content to the masses. It can be exhausting to do this consistently – and even more so if you’re struggling for ideas. By keeping up with the latest trends, checking out the competition and setting search engine alerts for new ideas, you’ll never find yourself in a topic drought. Do you have any other ways of finding fresh ideas and inspiration? Tell us below about your brainstorming process.


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