Four Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Beginning SEO

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Four QuestionsSEO is a huge undertaking for any webmaster or blogger who wants to gain additional exposure in search. Between the elements of content creation and proper marketing techniques, SEO is yet another task that requires plenty of time and dedication. Many people simply think that they can just jump into SEO without many considerations. Before embarking on an arduous journey that involves many technical and aesthetic concerns, continue reading to find out about four important questions that need to be asked prior to beginning any SEO campaign.

Can/Should I Do It?

This is perhaps the most important question to ask. Understanding what SEO entails and whether or not you are capable of pinging links, optimizing keywords, building reputations with search engines and users, and so on is vital. Some people choose to not engage personally with SEO and instead hire experts to take care of the optimization. This can be for a variety of reasons: some simply do not have the skills or patience to learn them, while others may decide that their time is more valuable than the cost of paying someone else to deal with the details.

Will This Distract Me?

The next question to ask revolves around how much time it will take to engage in SEO and whether or not it will distract you from other things. Quality content is still the most important individual element of any website or blog: will you still have time to dedicate to this while doing SEO? There are also real-world concerns. How much time will you miss with family and friends as a result of performing all that search engine optimization demands?

Who Is Right to Do This?

Let’s assume that you decide to hire someone for pinging links, optimizing search and other elements regarding SEO: where do you begin? Some sub-questions that must be considered revolve around your current budget, whether a firm or a freelancer is the best approach, and whether or not marketing expertise will be needed alongside traditional SEO efforts. There are many different types of SEO experts out there and not all are created equal. If you do outsource this aspect of your website, then it is very important to do your homework before making any decisions.

Is It Better to Focus Elsewhere?

SEO is no longer the only game for site managers and bloggers to consider. The power of content marketing, email marketing and social media all play equally large roles in who sees your content and how often. You may decide that your efforts are best focused here, and instead choose to forgo any substantial SEO whatsoever. Whatever the decision, hard work and persistence will be required in one or more areas.

SEO is a powerful tool when used effectively, but it is not something that everyone can do. Before you begin SEO or make any decisions regarding it, be sure to ask yourself whether or not you possess the skills and dedication to do it, how much of a distraction it might prove to be from other important elements of being a blogger or content creator, who is best equipped to handle it for you if you wish to outsource it, and what exactly should be focused on if a decision is made not to do so.


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