Avoid These Content Creation Errors for Better Results

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Fruit GumsEven expert bloggers and writers sometimes make mistakes when producing quality content. We are inherently biased to view our work in a completely different way than visitors and audiences will view it. Content has to be informative, persuasive, exciting and high-quality. It can seem difficult to manage all of these elements in each piece of content that is created, but the demands of the internet require that we strive for perfection. While you may not be able to create flawless content every time, being able to avoid major mistakes in content will help improve overall delivery. We’ll talk about a few content creation errors today that often occur in repetitive writing.

Burying Details

It can be all too easy to be proud of the content we create. Very detailed posts in particular may be well-researched, thoughtful and chock full of information. However, we shouldn’t automatically assume that visitors will read every single detail of each post. Because of this, it is absolutely necessary to outline key points and facts via the use of subheadings, formatted text and other options. This can help ensure that you’re not just pinging noise at your readers and it will also help boost overall engagement in the form of shares. Readers like to be able to absorb the gist of things, even if they’re prepared to read a lengthy piece of content.

Being Self-absorbed

Good content can approach a topic from a variety of angles. Great content should always be about the reader’s wishes, desires and needs. If you are a brand that wishes to self-promote, then you must be careful not to create content that is too self-promotional or focused on the brand it self. People expect to hear a story, learn valuable new information, or be entertained. It is hard to balance these elements with blatant self-promotion, constant references to the brand, and other selfish attributes. By focusing on the readers and what they need to learn or experience in each piece of content, you’ll be sure to increase retention rates for your blog/website/social media platform at the same time that you are increasing overall engagement.

Emulating the Competition

We are taught through practices such as search engine optimization and marketing that it is a good idea to emulate the competition and compete on their turf. However, the perspective of content creation is a fundamentally different story. Not only can you run into difficulties with search engine algorithms if your content directly emulates that of the competition, but you will find it difficult to stand out from the rest of the pack if your content is presented in a similar style as others. Especially in niche markets, it is absolutely essential to find a way in which to be unique and attract the attention of readers through methods that others are not using. Otherwise, you’ll just be pinging noise at your readers, who will find it difficult to tell the difference between you and others.

There are many different content creation mistakes that bloggers, marketers and writers make on a regular basis. Everybody learns from their mistakes, though: what are some mistakes that used to plague your efforts that you have corrected?

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