Three Apps Every Content Marketer Needs

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Whether at the office or on the go, content marketing opportunities can present themselves any time, any place. Ultimately, those adept enough at sharing content that is both relevant to their brand and entertaining can make plenty of inward roads into audiences that would be receptive to their message and offerings.

In order to truly be on your content A-game, however, it is vital that you have the chance to easily capture, share and publish content from anywhere. Through the use of mobile apps, improving overall content marketing outcomes is easy. To help you rise to the challenge, we’ll look at three specific apps today that every content marketer should have on their mobile devices.


Have you ever needed to communicate in real-time with multiple people on a particular campaign or project? Then you probably wished that you had a solution like Slack. The great thing about Slack is that it allows for easy “siloing” of work-groups and departments, making it great for content marketers who need to manage multiple aspects of a campaign – without blasting everybody’s inbox with updates.

You’ll be able to communicate in real time via text, conference call or group chat. Additionally, you have total flexibility over which notifications are pinging servers for each participant. When combined with file sharing and instant editing options, Slack is a top contender in the app game.


Drumming up ideas for content should really be a 24/7 way of life. Whether you’re on the go or at the office, you want a way to capture inspiration when it hits. This is why Evernote can be immensely useful to content marketers and creators. See a great idea for a new ad campaign? Capture it and upload it to Evernote, where you’ll be able to access it anytime, anywhere.

You can work offline and sync as soon as you’re back online, making it a great choice for getting things done when away from Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. With its complete flexibility for sharing, revising and updating, Evernote is a solid app to have for editing, starting or deploying content.


There are numerous reasons why content marketers need to utilize good grammar. One such reason relates to the professionalism conveyed in each piece of content deployed. Another reason is related to the ad copy for any marketing campaigns: without proper grammar, a large segment of your audience could be turned off by your campaigns.

Enter Grammarly, which is a useful marketing app that ensures any content, messages, emails or other documents are written exactly as they should be for the occasion. This app will not only correct spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes, but it will help you revise phrasing and ultimately improve every piece of written content you deploy.

Content marketers should be prepared to work and capture great ideas from anywhere. With a variety of apps that can assist, pinging servers and fellow collaborators with fresh inspiration and instruction is easier than ever. These three apps – Grammarly, Evernote and Slack – can all be useful companions in day-to-day planning and execution for any content marketing strategy.

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