Check Out How These Apps Can Help Improve Social Media Engagement

Apps KeysThe need to continuously improve overall social media interaction, circulation and engagement remains at the forefront of many brands’ minds. Due to the changing nature of search engines and the way in which we all communicate, social media has naturally become one of the most powerful tools that even the smallest of brands can utilize and affect change with in big ways. Social media, however, is not merely one utility or one network – it encompasses a huge part of life through many different networks. As such, getting the most out of the experience is crucial. Below, we’ll outline some useful apps that your brand can use to improve overall communication and content distribution on social media.

If This Then That

Social media is much more powerful for brands than it may appear to be on the surface. In the age of app-based interaction, social media networks provide developers and the astute with ways to maximize overall engagement. Enter If This Then That, a very useful utility that makes it possible to setup chain reactions between multiple social media networks and apps. For instance, brands using Facebook and Twitter may find it time-consuming to replicate efforts across multiple platforms. What IFTTT allows users to do is to specify that if a particular action on a particular network occurs, then another action will automatically take place. This makes it easy to change profile pictures across all networks with one click, as well as literally hundreds of other actions (if a photo is uploaded, then save that photo to Dropbox, for instance).


With so many activities on social media to keep up with, it is no wonder that many small brands and businesses fail to live up to their potential. With an app like Evernote, there are no excuses! Use Evernote to take notes about important events, stay organized, schedule posts on social media and more. Where pinging links on social media can be easily forgotten, Evernote makes forgetting impossible. Excellent for basic productivity both on and off social media, we’re confident that users of this app will find it to be useful in their professional and personal lives.


Boosting overall social media productivity really hits home with many social media users; the energy and memory to take on every social media profile on a regular basis can be difficult. With SocialOomph, the process becomes a lot easier. You can tie SocialOomph into all of your social media profiles, as well as your blog, in order to share content seamlessly across all platforms. You’ll be able to review account analytics for each social media platform, schedule posts individually or all at once, track keyword usage and analysis and casually browse engagement on each particular platform. In short, SocialOomph gives users the power for one social media platform across all platforms.


The power to do more on social media in less time – whether that be pinging links, sharing content or analyzing metrics – becomes more necessary with each passing year. The three apps provided above are excellent utilities available to everyone that makes it possible to be more productive and intuitive across any and all social media platforms.

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