How to Handle Call Leads Effectively

Handle LeadsWhether you realize it or not, many online businesses rely upon leads driven to them through the internet and telephone as a way to stay in business. Not all industries can thrive from this, but many – particularly those who are locally based – have seen excellent results through these strategies. The general way in which it works is that you pay a third-party to funnel leads to your business’ phone line, and you pay the third-party for each credible lead. How can you make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck in this process, and what should you be doing on your end to ensure maximum conversions? We’ll discuss how you need to be handling call leads in the following article, so you can always make the right decisions.

Outline Your Goals

When setting up an agreement with a third-party lead generator, you need to know upfront what your goals are for these leads. Do you want to make sure that all calls are answered within a set amount of time? Do you have a goal as to the average amount of revenue generated per call? Whatever the case, you need to be aware of these and additionally, you need to outline these goals to your lead generator. In order to keep track of your goals, you’ll want to be pinging users and the status of each call through a tracking program of some sort. This will not only help you monitor the goals you have set, but it will also help keep you aware of how successful your efforts are – and whether or not the lead generator third-party is being honest about billing you.

Prioritize Each Call

In order to make the maximum amount of revenue and generate the most effective conversions from your leads, you need to prioritize the handling of your calls. Whenever a call comes in, do you know where it is coming from and for what service it is? Call whispering is one way to ensure that you are aware of the intent or interest of the caller, and can be setup easily through most third-party lead generators. This is one way that you can ensure each call is routed effectively to where it needs to go, and you and your staff can ensure optimum efficiency when handling the needs and interests of each caller.

Train Your Handlers

How effective are your call handlers at dealing with each caller? Have you noticed large differences in the success of each call handler? Whether you believe you are at maximum efficiency or not, it is always a good idea to ensure that your call handlers are properly trained. This type of training can be handled in-house or through another third-party solution, but the gains provided from ensuring that your handlers are properly trained can be immense. In some cases, lead potential has been increased by up to forty percent just by ensuring that call handlers are pinging users with the right information and in the right tone.

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