Awesome Utilities for Better Group Collaboration

Whether your team is working on its social media strategy or a new form of content marketing, being able to collaborate via the web in real time is essential. From group meetings to brainstorming on-the-go, it’s important to have solutions that can connect everybody and ensure there are ways to keep everyone in the loop. Whether your group has recently been having difficulties at staying on the same page or you merely want to improve the process, there are tools available that can help. We’ll review three awesome utilities  that can significantly help improve group collaboration via the internet.


Slack is well-known as a community building platform. Users can easily connect to Slack from any and all devices, making it possible for them to start and resume conversations from anywhere. You can easily configure your whole team to be on Slack, creating various workgroups for particular departments or purposes. People can easily be added and removed from conversations, allowing for total collaboration across multiple fronts when the situation dictates. Slack is absolutely free to use and perfect for sending messages, pinging links and sharing ideas in a variety of different formats. Its flexibility and functionality have made it a mainstay for many businesses and brands seeking to squeeze more productivity out of their teams.

Google Drive

A classic and reliable platform for teams to utilize, Google Drive integrates easily with services that most people already use or have accounts for. The familiarity of Google for most makes it easy enough to adopt, ensuring that fewer team members will be able to make excuses for why they didn’t read the latest conversation or respond with their proposal. Whether you’re working on word documents, spreadsheets or interactive maps, there are functions with Google Drive that make teamwork easy and effortless. With the ability to backup various revisions, you’ll also never have to worry about losing any prior versions of documents and can connect from anywhere.


Another popular platform for teams and groups who have serious work to handle, Evernote makes it easy to share just about anything across various devices, users and continents. Whether you’re pinging links to a conversation to save for later or planning on creating a new training document from scratch, this utility has plenty of functionality for virtually any project. Because Evernote is so widely used and favored, you’ll find it easy to connect or integrate the platform with a variety of other apps and programs. This means that in some cases, you’ll be able to connect people via Evernote even if they aren’t using it directly. This makes it an especially useful solution for those who have team members operating across multiple devices and with multiple personalities.

These three group collaboration services are just a few of the many solutions you can find out there. We think that at least one of these, however, will be exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to taking your teamwork to the next level. Are there any other services like this that you’ve used in the past? What were your thoughts on them? Tell us below about your experience.

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