Woo Your Customers with Customized Messages and Greetings

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Messages and GreetingsThe best way to grab a new customer is through targeted and effective marketing. The best way to keep and satisfy a customer, however, revolves around the customer’s experience with your brand and the quality of the product or service. In the past, customized experiences for the consumer via the internet were limited due to technological concerns. As times have changed and the tools available to us allow for an array of outreach options, we can ensure that we are following up with customers and making their experiences as pleasant as possible. By reaching out to your customers with a personalized message, you can demonstrate that you truly value their business and generate waves of positive promotion. Below, we will discuss ways you can woo these customers and create new ones through the use of customized messages and greetings.

Reference Their Actions

With pinging tools and software that monitors users’ engagement with emails and your website, you can determine how and what your customers do and enjoy the most. This information can be collected and used to create customized variations for your mailing list, allowing you to address any and all subsets of your customer base. If a particular person has been caught perusing your latest line of hand-held bags, for instance, you can reference the addition of new items to this category via email whenever they are added. While this should be done in a more subtle way than simply saying, “we’ve been watching you”, the attentiveness to detail will impress customers and help them find what they most likely want from your business.

Include Location Information

If you capture IP address and other location-based information from users when they purchase an item, open an email or otherwise interact with your business, then you can use this information to customize messages and greetings even further. Maybe you have a great selection of summer products that you want to market to those who live by the beach – with IP addresses in hand, you can utilize these pinging tools as a way to ensure they get the message. Other popular lead-ins in messages to customers include references to local weather, special events and even fellow competitors who have brick and mortar establishments in the vicinity.

Motivate Customers with Calls to Action

It is vital that you engage with customers via email as often as possible without overloading their inboxes with spam, and calls to action can be the best way to do so. Whenever a customer makes a purchase or subscribes for updates, you should be collecting various information from them (such as their interests). You can then build calls to action around the most popular interests for your business and target consumers with relevant emails. Calls to action can be a great way to raise funds for a charity, boost your social media marketing potential and get users to share your brand with others via email and word-of-mouth. The more targeted and relevant this message is to your customers and readers, the better your results will be with each successive campaign.

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