Manage SEO From Your Mobile Phone With These Three Apps

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Mobile SEOWhether you spend a lot of time away from the desk or simply hate using desktop devices, accessing all of your SEO, PPC and social media accounts effectively can sometimes prove to be a pain. From ineffective apps that only allow basic interaction to devices that cannot provide the necessary functionality to make the needed changes and additions, managing your optimization efforts while on-the-go has historically proven to be a difficult gambit. Fortunately, technology is improving and the industry as a whole is beginning to respond to the needs of a changing world. In the following article, we will discuss four mobile apps that you can use to access SEO and PPC efforts directly from your phone.

MarginWeb Website and SEO Toolbox

Designed to test and interact with your social media presence and your website, MarginWeb Website and SEO Toolbox is a free app that is available for download via Google Play. With a variety of quick assessments available, you can determine the extent and viability of your social media presence, your Google rankings and how many backlinks you have for your website. In addition to these benefits, the app will also help you figure out ideal optimization tactics for title and description lengths, whether or not your site is currently pinging URLs that are broken, and will help you out with keyword suggestions to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Google Analytics

The very popular and free web metrics service now offers a very free app! Google Analytics is available on Android and iOS devices, and provides users with all of the data they need while on the go. With data being streamed in real-time, you’ll be able to access page traffic details, bounce rates, how long people are staying on your site, which forms of content are performing well and which are not, and how all of your AdWords campaigns are currently doing. For anyone who needs to keep track of their site and PPC metrics via Google Analytics on a daily basis, we highly recommend downloading this streamlined app.


You have no doubt heard of HubSpot on many occasions if you deal with SEO and PPC on a regular basis. HubSpot is so popular because it is a fantastic solution for anyone involved in SEO and marketing; from pinging URLs on social media to sending emails and scouring for web mentions, the program is excellent. If you do use HubSpot already, then consider downloading the mobile app for Android and Apple devices for free (the actual service costs at least $200 per month after your one-month trial expires). In addition to all that was mentioned above, you’ll also be able to review your marketing efforts, find leads and keep track of all of your site and social media metrics through this killer app, too.


Just because you have a busy life doesn’t mean that you can’t be on top of your SEO and PPC games. Through the use of these three apps – HubSpot, Google Analytics and MarginWeb – you’ll be able to track the progress of your SEO, PPC and marketing campaigns anytime, anywhere.

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