Maximize Your PPC Budget in the New Year with These Tips

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Any digital marketing endeavor requires plenty of time and attention. Some strategies rely on organic promotion that minimizes costs but mandates plenty of micromanagement. Other strategies – such as PPC campaigns – utilize money in lieu of work and can help any brand be easily seen across a variety of channels.

However, there is still plenty of work that should be part of any PPC campaign. For those who are not seeing the results they expected or who believe their budgets are being under-utilized, there are solutions to fix the problem. Today, we’ll take a look at how you can maximize any PPC campaign budget in the new year with just a few tweaks.

Account for Seasonal Shifts

When calculating how much to spend – and when to spend it – most brands look at past performance. Whether it be sales, subscriptions or another type of conversion, knowing when you’re most likely to attract people is crucial in maximizing budget performance.

For instance, pinging users with a set amount of ads consistently throughout the year might not be the best course of action if one-third of your sales occurs in the final two months of the year. Seasonal shifts can play a big role in performance – and they should play an equally big role in how and when you spend campaign dollars.

Consider ROI

A huge factor in how well PPC campaigns perform is the number of ads deployed relative to the return on investment generated from each endeavor. For example, an online store-front might promote 10 unique products via 10 separate campaigns. After running these campaigns for one year, notably different ROIs are present for each of the products.

It would be a sin to continue deploying equal amounts of ad budget for each product with this information in hand. By looking at how much each campaign has generated for each product, service or action, brands can more effectively divert campaign dollars into winning strategies that yield the best results.

Budget by Action

PPC campaigns can be deployed in a number of settings and at a variety of different points along the buying and conversion funnels. Because of this, traffic and/or visibility at different segments of the process are worth different amounts.

Consider social media as one example. While you might be targeting people who have interests that align with your campaign’s, these people are not proactively seeking you out for advice, service or solutions. Contrast that with somebody who is executing a precise search for a particular product or service: the intent of the person seeing your ad is more resolute in the latter situation than the former.

As such, deploying ad budgets that take this dynamic into account will produce more efficient outcomes in 2018 for any budget.

Even with the same number of dollars, most brands can dramatically improve their PPC ad campaigns. By pinging users at the right times, optimizing campaign frequency based on ROI and evaluating when and where to deploy based on effectiveness, ad efficiency will substantially improve. This can allow for brands to either increase their reach or save on existing marketing costs.

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