It’s Time to Switch to WordPress – Here’s Why

Wordpress GearsThere are literally millions of websites on the internet today, each with a different purpose. Some exist to provide a product or service to the masses, while others deliver information. Some may have an express agenda, while others may be more of a collaborative effort designed to foster community. With so much diversity, it is amazing that nearly one-third of these websites all have something quite niche in common: they all use WordPress. Once intended merely as a platform for bloggers, WordPress has grown into a monstrous powerhouse of utility for all types of websites. If you are currently relying on pure HTML, a local web development company or another content management system, then continue reading to find out why it’s time to switch to WordPress today.

SEO Friendly

Many content management systems are not friendly to first-timers, and they’re certainly not friendly for SEO. WordPress is different in that it comes ready to go with a lot of SEO capability. Plugins such as Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin can be added to provide full SEO capabilities that rival the experts. This way, you can automatically be pinging your website to search engines properly, and begin getting ranked in search immediately.

It’s Easy to Use and Customize

Many small businesses and brands without web-savvy owners rely upon web design and development teams to create and manage their websites. The costs associated with this can accumulate quite quickly. If your website doesn’t rely upon complex databases of user information, then it’s easy to install and use WordPress even with no web experience. The learning curve with the software is very fast, and you’ll be creating new pages and making new posts in no time at all.

In addition to its ease of use, building your custom WordPress website is often as easy as clicking and dragging. Thousands of free templates and themes exist that can be installed and activated quickly. Ditto for plugins, which allow webmasters to add virtually any element they can think of to their website quickly. Need to open a store? Add a login feature? Integrate social media? All of this and more can be done through the use of plugins.

A Breeze for Bloggers

Because WordPress was built for blogging, its blog features remain a prime reason why many love it so much. Creating a new blog within your website only takes seconds; simply check a couple of boxes and you’re ready to go! From here, creating new posts takes no time at all. You can format text, insert images and multimedia, add keywords and optimize the page, and more. With the Yoast plugin enabled, you’ll also be able to tell in real-time whether each post will help in pinging your website to search engines.

We could go on and on about the true benefits of switching to WordPress, but just the ones outlined above should be enough to help you consider doing so. With superior blogging tools, unprecedented customization options for new and expert webmasters alike, easy installation and a naturally-friendly SEO build, we think you’ll love WordPress as much as one-third of all webmasters in the world do!


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