The Top Ways That Brands Fail at Pinterest

Three PinsPinterest is one of the best examples of social media done properly, from the perspective of the company’s efforts. What started as a niche social media network has blossomed into one of the biggest social platforms currently on the web – all of this was accomplished in a matter of just a couple of years. While there are plenty of individual users on the network, Pinterest has proven that it is one of the best platforms through which brands and social media content can augment one another. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that hundreds of thousands of brands have sought to expand their clout and improve customer interaction via this useful service. Not all outreach efforts are created equally, however. If you want to ensure that your brand gains opportune exposure via Pinterest or need to revise your current strategy, then you will want to avoid the following .

No Pin Options on Website

While you may want to use Pinterest as a way to drum up support via the social network, there are millions of users out there who might not find you through the social media platform itself. Especially helpful if you are pinging for SEO, Pinterest offers various methods that can boost social signals and help you attain the levels of traffic you need to stay in business. Unfortunately, all too many users of Pinterest fail to utilize the “Pin It” buttons and other options that allow users to share directly from their websites. If you want to harness the full power of Pinterest, you will be sure to integrate these choices into your website’s infrastructure. Failure to do so can be the missing link in overall success via the social network.

No Consistent Chatter

Socializing is obviously a huge part of social media: without constant communication with your fan base, it is very likely that your social media effort will fall on its face. Users of Pinterest are more likely than other users of social media to expect personal communication and dialogue between themselves and brands; there are several ways you can approach this, but the effort is important above all else. Without a consistent amount of dialogue and feedback between you and your visitors, you are sure to fall short in terms of generating sales, conversions and social signals.

No Use of Business Account

Pinterest unveiled its business account feature for users some time back, but many users who wish to augment their brands’ presences on the web have not yet taken advantage of this. Some of the perks that come with a Pinterest business account include the ability to have an actual brand name listed (instead of a personal name), verified user status, increased visibility when pinging for SEO and integrated social media options with other platforms. When you consider that this process takes just a few minutes to sign up for, there is little excuse not to utilize this superior approach on Pinterest. Once established, you can quickly import contacts and begin the process of building a superior Pinterest social outreach effort.

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