The Five Different Types of Digital Marketer

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Digital MarketerWith a plethora of businesses both large and small seeking to expand their online audience and reap the benefits associated with it, an entire industry has emerged in recent years: digital marketing. Everyone has his or her own ideas about what constitutes digital marketing, mainly due to the variety of subjects it covers. Whether you are a data-oriented person or a creative writer, there is a good chance that your services play a role in some form of digital marketing. Below, we will discuss five specific types of digital marketers and what each does in order to create a larger, interconnected digital marketing strategy.

Data Geeks

In the world of digital marketing, data is the lowest common denominator – even abstract strategies ultimately have some foundation in datasets and metrics. Data geeks generally offer some compilation of social media and website analytics, pinging your website for information on everything from traffic to clicks. Data geeks will also often assist with optimizing your email campaigns, helping increase the number of conversions you can expect.


Having the data collected and presented is great, but where do you go from here? Troubleshooters can best be thought of those digital marketers who are contracted to find major flaws or issues with search engine optimization, personalization and branding. In many cases, bringing in someone who is attuned to this practice will help a business or cause increase its reach without having to adopt any radical changes.

Social Media Gurus

Using a variety of free or low-cost approaches, social media gurus drive traffic to your website or business’ social platforms so that more connections and interactions can occur between the brand and its followers. With the vast majority of internet users also utilizing at least one social media platform, social media gurus have become one of the most popular types of digital marketers. Some of the tactics this includes are marketing new products and promotions through scheduled posts, holding contests, coding a formidable and well-designed page and interacting on a daily basis on your brand’s behalf with fellow followers.


Whether it pertains to a website, blog or social media platform, artists play a huge role in digital marketing. Seeing as how a large portion of marketing requires readers and viewers to find your content appealing, aesthetic elements allow you to be pinging your website with fresh material while also catching the eyes of anyone who may be driven to your portal by other digital marketing efforts. Graphic design and layout/theme construction are just a couple of examples of the areas in which these artists can be proficient.


All new ideas and strategies for digital marketing have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere usually originates inside a tester’s brain. Testers employ new strategies to see what works and what does not: with search algorithms and browsing habits changing quite often, testers help find new ways for budding websites, businesses and brands to expand their reach. This category of digital marketing can pertain to anything from keyword experimentation to app development for your social media pages.

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