Which Forms of Content Generate the Most Attention?

Whether you’re building an e-commerce platform or merely cultivating a personal blog, one of the main goals should be to generate as much attention for your brand as possible. Regardless of format, the creation of content – whether it be supplemental or the primary focus – is crucial in generating the types of links and engagements you’ll need to be recognized and shared. As it turns out, not all forms of content are created equal; some will get you better mileage than others. So, which types of content should your brand be focusing on? We’ll review some of the better choices below so that you can make the right decisions for your brand.


One sure-fire way to generate attention with your content is to make it aesthetically pleasing. The use of infographics can be not only an awesome way to earn more shares and clicks, but it will also help you build more links as others share your content. By combining a variety of facts, statistics or blurbs into one relevant piece of content, you can turn an otherwise drab blog post into a more summarized and appealing piece of content that’ll generate more attention. Whether you decide to make an infographic yourself or hire the services of a graphic designer, be sure that all of the elements are on point: you don’t want to be pinging users with ugly content!


At the core of every search engine query is an attempt to understand or learn something. This is why it shouldn’t be surprising to find out that how-tos and tutorials are among the most popular forms of content on the internet. If you can find a variety of topics within your niche to cover and explain, then you have a much better chance at generating attention with them. By walking somebody through the step-by-step process of building, completing or repairing something, you’ll be providing suitable content that truly possesses value. This, in turn, will help you generate more attention for your efforts. Ultimately, content that helps others learn and figure out things tends to provide brands with more lasting value.


Whether you’re promoting content directly through a blog or on social media, the demand for multimedia has never been greater. If you have the time and capability, turning your content offerings into videos can be a great way to increase value and generate more attention. On social media, for instance, videos tend to generate anywhere from two to three times the amount of engagement as standard text-based posts. By pinging users with short, meaningful videos in lieu of blog posts, you can generate more comments, links, likes and shares from your audience. People prefer forms of content like videos because they are more easily digested.

These three forms of content can dramatically improve the amount of attention your brand generates, but they’re not the only forms and styles of content you should consider. What other forms of content have you found generate more attention? Let us know below what else has worked for you.

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