Elements Every Powerful Landing Page Should Have

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The struggle to generate leads in a highly competitive world where countless impressions are made daily is tougher than ever. Online retailers, blogs and brands must fight with one another for visitors’ attention spans, while at the same time not alienating visitors with too many ads and pitches. Landing pages are one way businesses can target individuals via ads, social media posts and email marketing – but they only work if they’re optimized efficiently. What elements should your landing page have for optimal lead generation? We’ll review some key components every landing page should include so that you’ll be able to better compete.

Minimal Content

The goal of a landing page is to generate a lead or otherwise convince a user to complete a desired action. This means that the landing page should be as simple as possible, including only what information is essential to convincing a user. By pinging users with excessive amounts of content, you risk distracting them to the point that they forget why they even came to the website. This can actually reduce the number of successful conversions, which will jeopardize your entire marketing strategy. Instead of including excessive content, be focused on how best to maximize value with as few words as possible. This may mean including a short video outlining the product/service benefits, or using bullet points to quickly summarize what users will receive as a result of acting.

Great Ad Copy

The landing page elements are important, but just as important are the ads and posts you use to attract people in the first place. Brilliant marketers understand that ad copy and headlines require careful calibrations. Not only is it important to carefully select your words and verbs, but it is likewise just as important to tell the truth. If you engage in some form of false advertising in an attempt to boost clicks, you’re only fooling yourself: you’ll get more clicks but a lower conversion rate, resulting in wasted time and/or money. From keyword analysis to A/B testing, it is important to invest both time and effort into formulating the best ad copy possible. After careful trial and error, you’ll learn which formats work best for your brand.

Calls to Action

A landing page without a call to action is literally just a page where people land: not what you need out of the process! The entire point of such a page is to clearly convey to users and visitors what it is you want them to do. Calls to action should be simple, straightforward and immediately visible. When people land on your page, it should be very clear what it is they’re supposed to do. Otherwise, you’re just pinging users with ramblings that won’t actually lead to higher conversion rates. By ensuring that you’re using all the right elements – contrasting colors, big buttons, clear action words – you will dramatically boost the number of conversions you generate with each landing page.

Every successful landing page contains a few common elements. Among them are good ad copy, calls to action and a focus on the action rather than content. If you can combine these elements with a great pitch and a successful marketing campaign, then you’ll be able to generate countless conversions for your brand.

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