Why First-World Freelancers Should Consider Relocating

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Freelancer BeachVirtually any freelancer will tell you that the biggest appeal in doing so stems from the amount of flexibility that comes with being in business for yourself. Having the ability to set your own schedule without having it approved by someone in upper management gives freelancers freedom in how they work, live and travel. Many freelancers working from first-world countries, however, find it difficult to sustain both the level of income and usual benefits that come with traditional employment. Seeing as how the average freelancer is not tied down by everyday life and employment, relocating to another country may be a smart decision: we will outline below various reasons as to why so many freelancers are doing just that.

Reduced Monthly Expenses

Obviously one of the biggest reasons many freelancers relocate while writing, designing or providing other services via the web is the amount of money that can be saved on everyday life. One of the most popular destinations for freelancers is Thailand, where the cost of rent in many cases is less than what someone would pay for utilities in most first-world nations. Virtually all basic commodities and services cost far less in countries such as Thailand, giving freelancers the ability to enjoy rather healthy lifestyles for just a few hundred dollars per month. Considering that freelancers usually can work from just about anywhere in the world, reducing monthly expenses is the best reason to consider relocating.

Laid Back Atmospheres

Let’s face it: working in a cramped apartment or in an urban environment can be quite distracting. When pinging search engines for content ideas or searching for potential new clients, having a relaxed demeanour helps improve our focus and lets us concentrate on what is most important. Many countries with low costs of living offer atmospheres where the pace of life is more laid back, and whether we realize it or not, the hustle and bustle around us (or lack thereof) has a direct impact on our work. By immersing ourselves in cultures and climates where a more relaxed way of life is encouraged, we can help reduce the level of external stress that occurs on a daily basis.

Health Benefits

Particularly the case for US writers, health insurance is a key factor in whether a budding freelancer can follow their passions and make a full-time career for his or herself. In many prospective countries where freelancers are flocking by the thousands, health insurance is not only affordable but of excellent quality. Yet again, in the case of Thailand, lab work and many comprehensive tests can be done for pennies on the dollar when compared to first-world countries, negating in many cases the need for insurance in the first place. Dental and vision services are also quite affordable in many popular freelancer destinations, giving those who relocate more time to be pinging search engines and requiring less time shopping around for the cheapest medical options.


Those who love their freelance careers will find much to gain in relocating to a different country for an extended period of time. Whether it is for an elevated standard of living, a more relaxed environment or simply to reduce expenses and pay down debt quicker, there is plenty of rationale behind the trend of so many freelancers leaving their native countries and finding happiness elsewhere.

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