Add Fun and Excitement to Your WordPress Install with These Four Tools

Four ToolsAs one of the most versatile and the most used content management system in the entire world, WordPress is the default solution for webmasters and business owners who want to get the most bang for their buck. While once a humble blogging tool, the developers quickly saw potential in expanding its offerings to include just about everything – and users responded positively. Despite a plethora of useful functions, many people overlook easily-implemented plugins and tools that can maximize the effect WordPress provides to them and their visitors. In the following article, we’ll discuss four tools that you may not be aware of that can help you expand your site’s offerings and please your visitors.


Once a popular format on the web for discussion and communication, forums have seen a drop in usage since the development of social media. Despite this, many people still prefer the concept of a forum to discuss niche issues with others – without divulging their real names or contact information. This is where a tool like bbPress comes in handy; available for free, this utility integrates seamlessly with your WordPress database and provides intuitive forum functionality for any website. You can download bbPress for free and begin pinging users with notifications announcing this development.


E-commerce models used to be so difficult to create and install – in many cases, they had to be built from scratch. With WordPress, however, all things are possible. WooCommerce is a popular utility that can be used to convert any WordPress installation into an excellent e-commerce hub in mere minutes. Simply add your products, provide descriptions and pricing, and then configure your payment methods. Available for free and also as a premium solution, WooCommerce is the WordPress entrepreneur’s go-to for pinging users with products and offering easy maintenance.


Those who want to capitalize upon the demand for job search websites can do so easily with WordPress. The WPJobBoard allows webmasters to quickly convert their sites into job hunt portals, with a variety of features available. You can search and sort items by post date, category, pay, hours, and also configure the site to provide job alerts, employer/employee profiles and manage job applications. LinkedIn integration is also available, making it great for use with the world’s most popular social media job hub. You’ll also be able to integrate the entire tool into all of your WordPress themes, and even connect third-party payment apps to the utility.


Want to try to create your own social media network? Then you’ll love the versatility that BuddyPress, the first and best social media utility for WordPress, can offer. Available for free and highly customizable, BuddyPress includes features like instant messaging, full profiles, groups, activity feeds, notifications, friendships and more! With a growing flock of users who develop new features for the platform constantly, the only limitation to your potential social network is how many people you can convince to join. BuddyPress also features an extensive online forum with questions and answers to help anyone using the software figure out how to get the most out of it.

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