Should I Use WordPress or Drupal?

Apple and PearThere are several content management systems that can make a difference in how your business or brand appears to others. The age of content management systems have ushered in a new era of professional development that leaves good impressions upon those who visit your website. While WordPress is clearly more popular based on both usage and number of downloads, Drupal also offers a professional touch and added flexibility to those who really want to customize their sites. Which one is right for you and your brand? We’ll discuss some finer points in the following article in order to help you make the best decision.

Which One is Easier to Use?

There are several running jokes in the web development community about Drupal’s ease of use – namely, that is it not easy to use. First-time site builders and developers may not be able to master Drupal in an adequate amount of time in order to make it worth their while. On the other hand, WordPress can be easily installed and configured, having you pinging links to search engines in no time at all. When it comes to being easier to use, it is simply no contest: WordPress is a fully-functional CMS that is a cinch to set up. It should be said that ease of use isn’t always the number one concern in building a website – especially the types of sites that require intense amounts of customization in order to provide functionality to users.

Which One is Better for SEO?

Perhaps the most important element from the perspective of webmasters who want to break into an industry, you want to know that the content management system you select has the ability to perform well in SEO. When it comes to WordPress or Drupal, there is no clear advantage in this field. Both WordPress and Drupal each come with a variety of add-ons, plugins and customizations that allow users to get the most out of their search engine optimization strategies. Due to the fact that Drupal performs better in large-content capacity and indexing, however, future attempts at SEO may be more successful through Drupal’s infrastructure.

Which One is Better for Security?

A top priority in today’s world of risky internet behaviour, you want to be sure that you pick the best content management system in order to secure yourself. When it comes to WordPress, security is a more complicated subject. Why? Because there are literally tens of millions of installations of the software across the entire world. Hackers and thieves see this as an opportunity; creating backdoor hacks, pinging links that are negative and other malicious items to access the software will yield greater results than it will through Drupal. As a result, Drupal is the better security bet, if only because there are fewer exploits currently targeting the software.


In terms of ease of use, WordPress blows Drupal out of the water. It’s an even draw on the search engine optimization angle, but Drupal clearly masters WordPress in terms of security. Seeing as how we believe these three elements to be the most important items in terms of management of a website, you can now make a decision that takes these factors into account and determines the best solution for your needs.

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