How to Increase Brand Loyalty via Social Media

As more and more businesses and brands are competing with each other on the web, the impact and impression any brand needs to make is now more important and greater than ever. With so many options to choose from, consumers and shoppers will gladly ditch your brand if they feel like they’ve found a better alternative elsewhere. This is the biggest reason why brand loyalty has become such an invaluable concept online: if you can capture the hearts and minds of your shoppers, then you have less of a chance of losing them. Today, we’ll review some strategies you can use on social media to boost brand loyalty and keep your customers for the long run.

Post Regularly

Perhaps the most important element of any social media campaign, a regular posting schedule is crucial both to loyalty and visibility. Most social media networks have particular algorithms that regulate the half-life or overall visibility of each post you make. While anybody can see all of your posts directly from your brand’s page, seeing it in their feed is usually subject to a limited window of time. Most posts are only featured in these algorithms for a few hours to a day at most, meaning that you need to consistently be curating content for your followers if you want to be reaching them regularly. By pinging links and content multiple times per day, you improve the chances that followers are seeing (and therefore interacting with) your content on a consistent basis.

Share Intriguing Content

Some brands have it easier than others when it comes to the content they naturally create or can share. If your brand is more generic or otherwise  focused on a less sexy topic, then you may be finding it difficult to drum up social media engagement with the content you’re providing. Many brands who face this problem find a way around it by pinging links from other, more interesting sites as a way to increase social signals and visibility. While you may not be racking up the clicks to your own website directly, you will help more of your followers (and their friends) see your social media presence, which can generate more likes,s hares and leads.  At the end of the day, the more visibility you have and the more followers you interact with, the more loyalty you’re bound to generate.

Proactively Engage

All too many brands simply share content and then lay back, hoping that a discussion or engagement will naturally spark into existence. Unfortunately, this all too often doesn’t happen. Every time somebody leaves a comment or a thought, it should be an invitation for you to engage with them. Whether it is a positive or negative comment, there is a chance for discussion to be had in ways that might not materialize otherwise. By engaging with every potentially productive comment on social media, you’re boosting the chances that a more in-depth and engaging conversation develops. As more and more people join in, more and more people will witness first-hand the devotion and concern your brand has for its followers. This helps produce loyalty in ways that less personable brands cannot hope to achieve.

Loyalty is a crucial element of any brand’s success story or presence. On social media, it may be easier than you think to build a loyal following. Have you been working on building loyalty via search, social media, email marketing or another source? Tell us about your experience and help the community produce more poignant strategies for building brand loyalty.

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