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Google ShoppingSince Google unveiled its Shopping features, advertisers large and small have used the platform to have their products featured to relevant audiences. Just about everyone has used Google Shopping at one point or another, making it a valuable part of SEO and marketing arsenals. From clothing and fashion accessories to technology and gourmet items, this platform offers everyone the opportunity to find what it is they seek and at the lowest prices available. Many people who have begun using Google Shopping have not yet taken advantage of many of its features, some of which make inventory inspection, bid priorities and balance of campaigns much easier. In the following article, we’ll discuss a few of these features so that you can be more aware of their functionality.

SKU Inquiries

With Google Shopping, you can now follow SKU data in the system and see how it relates to a variety of different elements. For years, people have desired to see how SKU data relates to queries and groups of other items in the system – with the SKQ inquiry system, this is now possible. You can be pinging URLs via Google Shopping and then inspect how it is affected by other categories within the system. Other elements that are available include the frequency and amounts of items being sold, effects generated from priority campaigns and which variants will be displayed alongside the item in various searches.

Prioritize Your Campaigns

You can now take various campaigns within Google Shopping and ensure they are being seen as needed, thanks to campaign prioritization. Select products or segments that are a part of your campaign strategy can be optimized so that the bulk of your traffic will see these ads without the need to manually readjust your campaigns with higher bids. The options provided allow for low, medium and high priority, and will rank each ad campaign against one another to determine which ones need to be boosted at certain times and which ones can be put on hold until a more opportune time arises.

Impression Sharing

In the past, your bids did not provide much insight as to whether or not the increase was worth it. In some cases, individuals who already had high bids in place were increasing their bids in the hopes of increased performance, yet they were already pinging URLs as efficiently as possible. Impression sharing features now available will help users determine whether or not they need to adjust their campaign budgets, and if so, by how much. This helps campaigns avoid overspending and ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved.


The three mentioned features above – campaign prioritization, impression sharing and SKU inquiries – can help those who use Google Shopping for business-related purposes maximize their campaigns’ efficiency and increase sales. These tools give advertisers the ability to assess the effects that their campaigns are having, as well as potential effects through a variety of revisions. If you are using Google Shopping for niche marketing and other targeted forms of advertising, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about these features.

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