Simplify Your AdWords Usage with These Neat Features

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Incognito ModeGoogle AdWords is the most popular tool for marketers who need to be in select search results without hassle. Even without its ease of use, AdWords helps you target the biggest advertising market on the planet – Google Search – with little to no difficulty. Still, advanced marketers will tell you that AdWords can be quite complex when managing multiple accounts and several advertising campaigns. How can you simplify this overall process? We’ll discuss some simple ways that you can simplify your AdWords usage without a great amount of stress on your shoulders.

Use Incognito Mode

Believe it or not, Incognito Mode in Google was built in part to help advertisers do keyword research in an unbiased fashion. All too many times, our search results and Google’s tendencies become shaped – corrupted, even – by our own biased searches. This means that the results you see through AutoComplete and other Google features will reflect your own search history. Many AdWords users have special plug-ins installed to their Chrome browsers to help do keyword research; each of these have an option for Incognito Mode as well, to allow marketers to keep a clean profile through which unbiased search queries can be made.

Analyze Shopping Campaigns

It can be difficult to track all of the keywords and phrases you need to monitor for multiple AdWords campaigns, but there are features within AdWords that can help. In some cases, certain sets of information are organized in multiple areas of the software, but many do not know where is best to look. Shopping campaign data, for instance, can be pulled from both the keyword and the dimensions tabs. When using the keywords tab, you can start pinging servers for cost data by adding a match type segment to display the data. These multiple match types can come in handy in regards to organizing your campaign’s account pages.

Display All Ad Sizes

Many people have been confused about how to view all ad sizes alongside one another, and it really boils down to confusion over semantics. Google AdWords will display a link under each ad that says “view full size display ad”. Despite this phrasing, clicking on the link will display the ad in every relevant size – were you aware of this? When you need to assess how each image looks, don’t let the wording confuse you on this.

Exclude Matches to Save Money

At least for the immediate future, you will still have the ability to exclude certain match types in order to save money. By default, you may be purchasing all match types in a given keyword group or phrase, but not all match types are relevant to your search or marketing desires. Instead of pinging servers for everything, you can use multiple match types that fit the criteria you need in order to target select niches and save money.


AdWords can be very tricky for first-time and recurring users alike, but the tips outlined above can help shave some time off of your regular habits and tendencies within it. By excluding matches to save money, displaying all ad sizes with one click, analyzing shopping campaigns via both the keyword and dimensions tabs, and using incognito mode to keep generic research habits, you’ll get more out of your AdWords experience.

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