Simple Solutions for Producing Content Quicker

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Arguably one of the most time-consuming aspects of brand maintenance, content creation is at the core of most successful brands’ strategies. Even if those who create the content enjoy covering the topics and subjects involved, it can feel like more of a chore than a passion after a while.

Between the stresses of meeting deadlines and the natural tendency for new ideas to be exhausted, continuously producing content can feel like a slog. Other problems, such as writer’s block and a lack of fresh ideas, slow down the process even more.

Today, let’s examine some simple solutions that’ll let you produce content for your blog or brand more quickly and easily.

Write Shorter Sentences

While long-form content is generally preferred by search engines, that doesn’t mean that some of what you write can’t be trimmed a bit. In most cases, audiences prefer shorter sentences and smaller paragraphs. If you can rein yourself in by shaving 100 words or so off of a 1000-word post, then you’ll undoubtedly save time on each post.

While long content can be valuable, search engines increasingly can tell the quality of content independently from its length. If you convey the necessary information in a smaller format, then you’ll still enjoy the same benefits.

Use Images and Media to Convey a Point

It can be difficult to grind out post after post – especially when they’re big and complicated. However, there is a good chance that somebody out there has already helped explain some of what you’re trying to convey. Why not take advantage of the situation?

If you can find opportunities for pinging links to images, videos and other forms of content that help summarize or explain complex thoughts, then you’ll save yourself plenty of time in the long-term. Additionally, both audiences and search engines love multimedia-rich content, so this can actually improve your content’s performance when compared to pure text-based posts and articles.

Take Advantage of Dictation Software

Unless you are one of a small and exclusive group of people, you almost certainly speak faster than you write.

Increasingly, content writers are transitioning into content creators, forgoing the need to write their content at all. Thanks to dictation software available from many different sources, content creators can dictate their posts and articles word-by-word, helping to minimize the amount of time needed to write.

While some quick manual edits may be needed once the post is complete, this reduces the amount of overall time spent creating content immensely.

Save Your Edits for Last

Whether you opt for dictation software or you choose to write traditionally, one thing is clear: editing once at the end saves much more time than editing in real time.

Since you’ll be focusing on getting the meat and potatoes of the content laid out in one thorough motion, you’ll avoid getting bogged down in minutiae. The lack of over-analyzing throughout the creation process means you’ll move more swiftly during both the creation and editing processes, which will leave you more time to produce other content.

Whether you’re pushing product promotions or pinging links to your latest press release, content creation requires efficiency. By following the four pieces of advice above, you can substantially reduce the amount of time spent creating said content, which will provide more time to promote and optimize it for audiences.

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