Most Expensive Football – Transfers of All Time

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A Money Game

One of the most interesting aspects of the game of football is the politics and money game behind it. While the game should primarily center around which players have the most talent and dedication, often times football is just as much political and economic as any other kind of industry or profession.

It is for that reason that typically it is big name football transfers that dominate league news, more than highlight reels. This comes less as a surprise when you factor in just how much money is being thrown for those transfers. Football is big business, and some of the money spent on transfers is jaw-dropping, that is why we below put together a list of the most expensive football transfers of all time:

Luis Suarez – A striker from Uruguay, Luis had the kind of aggression, instinct, and precision that made him an attractive pick for any club. This talented striker played for Liverpool initially, but was then swept away after an 82 million Euro deal that transferred him to Barcelona. While this may seem like a lot of money, the investment paid off, as Suarez would go on to win the European Golden Shoe in the 2015-2016 season.

Virgil Van Dijk – This player was being scouted by Jurgen Klopp for some time, and it is easy to see why. International football transfers can get gritty, and the Dutch defender Dijk made a great prospect for scouts. Klopp paid 84.5 million to move Virgil from Southampton to Merkeyside to strengthen his defense. After giving up 20 goals in 23 premier league games, a strong defender like Dijk was a welcome and needed addition.

Romelo Lukaku – A striker who knows how to place a ball, Lukaku has become the most expensive striker in English history. This Belgium player was highly sought after because of his ability to rack up points and dissect a defense. Manchester United gave up a whopping 84.7 million to secure him on their club. There has been recent criticisms about whether Lukaku is worth what they paid however, prompting many to wonder if the transfer occurred because of skill, or a good marketing campaign. Either way this striker is paid top dollar to be out on the field making plays.

Gonzalo Higuain – Hailing from Argentina, Gonzalo is a record-breaking striker that had transfer agents offering dollars hand over foot to make sure he would play for their club. After scoring 36 goals in 35 games, it is no wonder so many wanted to get their hands on this talent. Eventually Juventus signed Gonzalo for an incredible 90 million. Napoli fans are still upset about the transfer, as Gonzalo was a beloved player that could be relied upon to make some big plays and set the tempo for a game. Money certainly talks in football, which is why the best clubs typically have the biggest bank rolls.

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