Are You Losing Influence Online? You Can Turn Things Around!

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Losing InfluenceIf you have spent months or even years working on a particular website, then you probably consider it a labour of love and are proud of your creation. Because of this, it can be very frustrating to discover that your once ever-growing website has now begun to lose visitors, traffic and conversions. With the web and search engine optimization strategies constantly shifting, it can be difficult to immediate discern what needs to be done. Obviously, the most important objective is to stop the “bleeding” and begin to grow your influence once again. Below are several tips for reversing a damaging trend that will ultimately impact all of us at some point.

Increase Your Content Distribution

If your influence has been waning in recent weeks, then one of the first things you should do to remedy the problem is to begin writing more content. Sounds simple, but does it work? It is absolutely proven that websites that publish content more regularly have a more consistent stream of visitors and a predictable amount of traffic. Those who only publish updates once or twice per week, however, see rapid increases and decreases in influence because their content distribution is not optimized. Most modern website platforms allow users to schedule posts for later dates; sit down, write your content and have it ready published automatically in a timely fashion.

Use Email Connections

People may be coming to your blog or website, but what are you doing to keep their attention? If you do not already have a subscriber or email pinging list available to readers, then you are missing out on a big opportunity. Research shows that conversion rates are astronomically higher among those who are on email subscription lists than those who are targeted at random or even those who share the interests of the subject but are not subscribed. By having a personal connection with people on your email list, you have a much better chance of bringing those people back to your site time and time again.

Stay Involved

Particularly important with blogs, having a say in the comments and discussion that is ongoing is vital if you want to make visitors feel as if their input is welcome. By being easily reachable and showing you care about their thoughts, users and visitors will be more inclined to share their thoughts with other members of the site and also let you know their thoughts about the site in general. There are other opportunities to be had by doing this as well; someone who is willing to share details about their impression of the site can be asked to subscribe to the list and provide their feedback about that as well.

Multimedia Expansion

Those who have noticed a slip in their metrics may benefit from expanding their multimedia outreach – using tools such as pinging lists of text, video, social media and audio to connect with their visitors. By covering audio, video, text and viral elements of sharing, you can position your website’s content to be sharable in multiple mediums. This type of campaign will help to hedge any current losses and hopefully begin to rebuild your traffic by exposing your content to people from all walks of life.

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