How to Build Great Links via Video Chats

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Video LinksThe stress that comes with building quality content is enough to make us want to pull our hair out. On top of the stress that comes with the nature of needing to deliver great content to readers, there is the added burden of knowing that quality links are also needed in order to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic. Unfortunately, many people run out of steam in the face of this complex situation, abandoning their ideas for serving great content to users across the web. In several ways, it is actually possible to create great content and build links at the same time – one of these ways is through the creation of video chats with influential people. Below, we’ll talk about how you can accomplish this.

Build Them Via the Interviewed

Video chats are an excellent way to not only create awesome content, but to provide a natural benefit that will result in added links. While many people will inevitably link to a video chat in which a particular expert is interviewed, it is almost guaranteed that the expert being interviewed will link back to the content in question. This automatically guarantees that you’ll be pinging links from one website automatically. As the expert promotes the content his or herself in order to enhance his or her reputation, the content will then be visible to more and more people who will continue to reference the content in their own blog posts, social media posts, and more.

Build Them Through Followers

Every expert whom you’ll interview via video chat will have their very own following of people. These people come in many forms – site visitors, subscribers and influencers who are involved in their own elements of content creation within the same subject or niche. It is that last group that is so very important. Once the expert begins to share their video interview, these followers will then begin to reference the content in their own posts. By working out an agreement with the interviewed that the actual video chat itself will only be available via your website, you’ll automatically increase the chances that other people who write about the interview will be likely to link directly to your video chat (instead of linking to the expert’s post about the video chat).

Build Them Through Journalists

Last but not least, there will inevitably be a cadre of journalists and writers who sooner or later will search for information and references about the expert in question. Whenever you are pinging links to search engines and they are associated with experts – be it entrepreneurs, influencers or anyone else with clout in a given field – journalists and other writers sooner or later will find them when they decide to write a piece about the person. It is quite likely that a detailed piece about a given expert will feature your content (and therefore, a link back to you from a likely high-ranking website) as a reference at some point. This is precisely the type of link you need to collect and obtaining one is a very rewarding feeling.


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