A 5-Step Guide to Finding Leads and Landing SEO Clients

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Starting an SEO company can be an intimidating process when you start considering how much established competition you’ll have to contend with. After all, why would anybody choose a new SEO agency with limited experience over a leading provider that has been satisfying its clients for years? Believe it or not, with a bit of hard work and the right approach it’s still possible to land SEO clients in today’s day and age. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but with the help of the following 5-step guide, you’ll be well on your way:

1. Build a Website and Initial Portfolio

First, you’re going to need an online headquarters that is professionally designed and provides an overview of your services and experience. You can start with a simple blogging platform like WordPress and an SEO template and then customize from there. Of course, if you haven’t done any SEO work yet, you won’t be able to cite any experience, testimonials, or proof of your abilities, so this initial step should also consist of landing your first few small projects. The easiest way to get your first client is to offer simple services at cheap prices and expand from there. This step will also include building an online identity by creating Google+ and LinkedIn profiles, designing a resume or CV, and maybe even launching a blog that you can use to showcase your SEO knowledge.

2. Design Comprehensive and Competitive SEO Packages

Once you have a great site, blog, portfolio, and online presence, it’s time to put together some affordable SEO packages that prospective clients will jump at. Start by finding out the prices that a typical mid-level agency charges and aim slightly lower. If you’re having trouble landing clients in the beginning, you might want to consider offering your SEO services to an established company for free in exchange for a positive testimonial.

3. Learn How to Pitch a Proposal or Application

Once you’ve got the basics covered and you’re ready to start soliciting clients, it’s time to learn the art of pitching a proposal or submitting an application. Take your time to study how to write successful proposals and your research will inevitably pay off.

4. Become a Better Communicator and Seller

If you really want to start landing more clients, you might have to communicate by phone or in person, so it would be helpful to be as good at speaking as you are at writing. If communication isn’t one of your strong points, at least consider taking classes to improve your written communication skills –  writing emails and engaging in instant messaging will be an everyday part of the job.

5. Join Forums and Freelancing Sites

A great way to find new clients and projects is to join webmaster forums and freelancing sites. On the forums you can network with people who own blogs and online businesses and offer a link to your services within your post signature. From a freelancing perspective you can start applying for and submitting bids to hundreds of projects right away.

Delivering Satisfactory Results to Build Momentum

Overall, it’s important to build the initial momentum of the company by providing satisfactory results to your first clients. Be sure to aggressively advertise using as many avenues as possible, and don’t forget to leverage your existing clients for testimonials and referrals.


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