Build Links and Clout with These Evergreen Content Strategies

Evergreen LinksThe first pioneers of the internet remember a time in which most content was static and informative. Long before on-demand news, weather and entertainment could be fetched, the internet was a place for reference material, education and instruction. As such, the content was often evergreen in nature or unlikely to be updated due to certain constraints. Evergreen content, simply put, is content that retains all or most of its value for an indefinite period of time. Many years later, we have tons of dynamic content that floods our news feeds, social media and inboxes, but evergreen content still performs admirably. Users want access to information that is always valuable, and sites want to link with other sites that provide this. If you want to build clout in SERPs and links at the same time, then you’ll want to know more about these evergreen content strategies.

Annual Updates

Whenever you create content, do you consider how often the nature of events surrounding it will change? Many people love to write posts that relate to the new year or a new season, and how that relates to their subject. It is an excellent idea to use evergreen content in such a way that you can (and only have to) update said content once per year. When you are pinging networks with content, search engines will find and index any changes made. This gives your content a new round of attention with search engines and helps maintain its relevance in SERPs, as users who find it are more likely to continue reading it due to its relevance in the here and now.

Exclusive Interviews

If you are able to secure an interview with a prominent person in your niche, then it can serve as a form of evergreen content that will produce links and clout for your brand time and time again. People want to know what influencers, developers and industry leaders have to say, so providing this form of evergreen content to the masses only works to your advantage. Not only will the individuals being interviewed be very likely to link to the article, but other blogs and websites will pick up on the topic as well. If the content is truly informative and will remain relevant for some time, then there is no reason why you forgo such an opportunity to produce valuable evergreen content.

Straightforward Tutorials

This may be the best and most common example of evergreen content, but that is because it is so effective. Readers appreciate how-tos and other informative articles that can be of service to them as they learn a new trade or about a new product, while search engines also tend to favor this format when they are pinging networks for new content. In addition to this, other websites and blogs will appreciate the information and be more likely to share this content with their audiences when compared to a quick write-up about a current event. While these types of tutorials may require periodic maintenance, the overall format should remain largely intact for most examples for years to come.

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