These Reasons Make SEO Seem More Difficult Than It Is

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SEO TrainWith literally millions of websites now on the internet and in competition with one another in multiple ways, it can be daunting to find any room whatsoever for opening a new website without some competition. Because competition is so stiff in almost every niche, people have become increasingly reliant upon search engine optimization to get their message out to people. By ensuring that search engines view their websites and content favourably, they can then gain access to the traffic and reach that they desire. Because SEO can be vast and involves multiple aspects of technology, some people feel overwhelmed by its dynamics. Below, we’ll outline three of the biggest reasons that people think SEO is more difficult than it actually is in practice.

Lack of Time and Manpower

This is the most often-cited reason for why people believe SEO is difficult. Those who are running websites most likely have a full-time job elsewhere; they think that they cannot afford to spend countless hours on the computer in the hopes of tweaking their websites. Without a full-time staff to devote to SEO, they consider it to be a lost cause. The reality of pinging for SEO is that only a small amount of time and manpower is required, if you work intelligently and keep a proactive, persistent presence throughout social media and blogs. Well-developed search engine optimization can deliver a plethora of visitors to your site, so it is always worth the effort to dispel these concerns and learn more about how you can optimize your website.

Inability to Compete

Many people believe SEO is a waste of time because they will not be able to compete with bigger brands in the game. Instead, they try to survive solely on word of mouth or through social media. While these avenues work great when coupled with SEO, they fall flat when used by themselves. The reality is that even small businesses can effectively compete with larger brands in a variety of niches. Sure, you might not be able to break into the “discount shoes” search rankings on Google, but you can find a variety of keywords and niches that can be targeted via SEO with great results. If you want to be pinging for SEO but are not sure how to do so, then you should first focus on a combination of quality content and powerful keywords.

Waste of Money

Some people have tried to take SEO into their own hands in the past through the hiring of SEO professionals and have been burned in the process. There are plenty of SEO snake oil salesmen out there; this is why it is vital that you thoroughly research any potential firm before agreeing to their prices and services. Others have also had bad experiences with DIY marketing efforts, which they can often mistake for SEO and subsequently stigmatize the entire endeavour. By doing a combination of careful marketing tests and extensive research on SEO firms, you can maximize your return on investment and eliminate those costly mistakes that so many have experienced.


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