Which Types of Blog Posts Will Build You Links?

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Linked HandsBlogging is something many people enjoy. Blog posts can be used to promote businesses and brands, share experiences, convey knowledge or provide entertainment value. There are many different ways in which to write and craft blog posts, but not all types of blog posts perform equally. Depending on the audience, your blog mileage may vary from content type to content type. Across the spectrum, however, which types of blog posts tend to be shared the most (and therefore build the most links)? We’ll discuss the top-performers today so that you can be informed and aware on the subject, and can craft a blogging strategy that reflects this information.


For whatever reason, the internet cannot get enough of lists. You see them all the time: “10 Ways to [—]” or “5 Simple Steps for [—]”. Many people believe that their naturally easy-to-read format helps encourage the concept and lends to easy sharing. By pinging to Google and social media blog posts and articles in list format, you can reach more followers, increase clicks via email and yes, build more links. With so many aggregate websites out there dedicated just to list-type posts – this doesn’t include all of your everyday bloggers and webmasters – you are bound to generate more hype, traffic and links through this very popular type of post.


People love to experience content visually. Returning again to the “easy to read” theme, infographics are designed to help condense more complex topics into less  complicated experiences. The combination of this benefit with the fact that infographics are often designed to be aesthetically pleasing makes it no surprise that links galore can be generated through them. Creating an infographic is relatively easy and doesn’t require extensive graphic design experience, but there are armadas of freelancer designers available for hire who will build you any infographic imaginable for just a few dollars.

Controversial Pieces

People have opinions. A lot of people have opinions. Those opinions often clash, and when they do, it is usually because of controversy. Despite the negative connotations associated with such, controversial and strongly-worded pieces can be a great way to draw attention and build links for your website. How does it work? It’s simple: you’ll earn a plethora of links through the most and least likely of sources. People who agree with you will link to the piece. People who disagree will likewise link to the piece. With such strong opinions, there is potential for backlash, but the fact is that controversy breeds attention: on the web, that translates into links, links and more links pinging to Google and other search engines.

No one type of content guarantees more links automatically, but some forms of content are more conducive for building links than others. Which type of content has provided you with the most success in this area? Let us know below and share your positive and negative experiences.

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