How Interviews Via Video Can Bring Home the Link Bacon

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Video InterviewLink building remains just as important to the nature of search engine optimization today as it was several years ago. While the benefits are less pronounced, websites that fail to attract authority links often fail to rank well in a variety of SERPs. Because of this, many bloggers and webmasters aim to please when it comes to the creation of quality content that shows up on other prominent websites. There are undoubtedly many different ways in which to earn links, but striving to dominate in lesser-known categories is a smart way in which to bring home the link bacon. Today, we’ll discuss how video interviews can be one smart method for building links on websites that search engines love.

You’ll Earn Links from Those Interviewed

Perhaps the most obvious way in which to earn links via video interviews is through the people being interviewed. Obviously you will be interviewing people who are either prominent or well known in one or more areas: it only makes sense that their web presence not only exists, but is influential as well. Much like you’ll want to be pinging links from their websites in order to earn authority in search, they’ll want to be earning credibility by showcasing their influence to their audiences. For many, there is no better way in which to do this than through the use of video interviews. After all, nobody interviews a nobody: because of this, those who are interviewed will naturally link back to your website to highlight the interaction.

You’ll Get Shares from Their Followers

Once the word is out, it becomes much easier to build links through the audiences of those being interviewed. As more and more people who follow that person see the content, there will be an increase in the number of shares and links built by these people. In some cases, the links will be exactly what you want (in the form of direct links to your website from their blogs and websites). In other cases, the links may be through social media shares. This indirectly helps your SEO, but directly can assist with boosting your brand’s exposure (and also providing more opportunities for direct link building opportunity, thanks to increased traffic).

You’ll Be Mentioned by Information Hubs

One good example of a major source for interviews and videos is TED. TED Talks are often a common resource for bloggers and webmasters who want to link to quality content that explains a concept. As you continue to build out your video interview arsenal, more and more websites will begin to take notice. Usually, the inclusion of video interviews in your blog will be scattered in between other forms of content, but making a separate section that show-cases all of the video interviews in one place can be a great way to build additional links and mentions. Additionally, journalists and reporters who are covering individuals interviewed by you will be more likely to find your interviews and link back to them as a result.

These are just a few ways in which to use video interviews as a way to ensure others are pinging links back to your website. Have you had success with video interviews in link building? What are some of the ways in which you’ve been linked to using them? Let us know below in the comments.


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