Building the Best Content Team Possible is Easier Than You Think

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Building TeamWhile the initial reason for your foray into internet content may have revolved around a small blog or project, successful ventures ultimately become something greater and require more attention in order to thrive. Some people rely on freelance writers or content agencies to produce viable, quality material for their endeavors, while others choose to look inward for long-term solutions for these services. If you are considering what a content team could do for your marketing and SEO efforts, then you probably should first understand what comprises a successful content team. Below, we’ll discuss the key elements of the best content teams and how to ensure each criteria is met.

Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

While some may think that pinging links will suffice in the world of SEO, the fact of the matter is that a fundamental understanding of how SEO and marketing relate to one another is crucial for any content team to be successful. The creation of successful content is two-part: first, someone must use their creative powers to draft a viable piece of content, and secondly, a team must know how to augment its performance via search, social media and more. Whether you wish to target a local audience or reach thousands of potential customers from halfway around the world, a strong marketing campaign will be necessary in order to accomplish it.

Customer Service Experience

When it comes to interaction with the public, your content teams needs somebody who has experience. Much like any brick and mortar entity, an online entity needs to have a solid amount of interaction with its customers, readers and followers to guarantee consistent reach, exposure and traffic. This is particularly true on social media, where interaction is often driven by one person who is in charge of the social media accounts. While the responsibility of overt content creation may fall in the hands of one team member, there needs to be another concerted effort on the front-end to ensure that the content is being publicized and promoted via interactive means; said means also need to come from a source that understands customer service and how it impacts your brand.

Content Production

Last but definitely not least, content production is the meat and potatoes of any content team. If you want to be pinging links across search engines and social media, then it obviously needs to be focused around quality content that is ideally produced by people who have no other focus. If you are putting together the best content team possible, then you want to focus on procuring content producers who can create quality content that informs, persuades and entertains above all else. The remaining members of your team can work with this and accentuate its marketing, SEO and social attributes. Many content producers are ready and willing to serve in this capacity; content producers are the most important element of any team, but also the easiest to replace in many situations.


The very best content teams have individuals who are in charge of distinct yet complementing functions: content producers are necessary for the creation of quality material, social media managers and customer service-savvy members are needed to keep fans happy and reach maximized, and SEO enthusiasts and marketers are essential for expanding the influence of your content across the web.

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